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    1. Pasta Player
      Pasta Player
      Thanks for the rundown on your iMac and I apologize for those that simply chose to misunderstand the reason(s) for it. Here, currently considering upgrading one ’09 Core2Duo Mac Mini to Mavericks - that would then enable running of GarageBand 10.3.5. I find myself often butting heads with other Mac users here that insist that the latest and greatest, newest Macs are a necessity when such “upgrades” aren’t necessary.
      1. tintag27
        The written word lacks the rapport that people establish instinctively when the are talking to each other... especially when we write on the computer - or worse text on a phone! It's no wonder that things can get taken the wrong way without the visual cues we depend on. I wasn't offended by it, but thanks anyway, I appreciate the comment .
        Good luck with the MacMini.
        Feb 28, 2021
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    2. decker
      Hi Anthony,
      Just wanted to say hello directly and compliment you on your photographs. You must be a professional,no?
      I always take a pic. or two when I'm on holiday mostly, but not quite as many as you!
      Brexit is a bit of a bone of contention with us as we couldn't vote because we have lived in Spain for too many years!
      Regards from,
      1. tintag27
        Thanks for the compliment, Derek!
        No, I am just a hobby photographer, but I spent many years as a graphic designer - studying the classical rules of composition, balance, use of space, and generally just looking at things in a different way. What makes photography much easier is having such wonderful subject matter, like I find in Spain. So I always take a lot of pictures when I am abroad!
        Regards, Tony
        Jul 5, 2018
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    Old England
    Graphic Designer
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    Blackstar Fly 3, Laney Cub 8. Pocket Pod.
    Squier CV50's Tele
    Samick Royale Semi
    Aria Sandpiper acoustic
    Harmony Stratotone Jupiter 1960

    Photography, walking, nature.