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    If I wanted to add a Tone Control to a 5F1 Champ...

    I think you'll dig the 7581A. I haven't compared it to the TS 6l6gc, but I've compared it to the EH 6l6gc, Sovtek 6l6wxt+, a NOS JAN Phillips 6l6wgb, plus the EH and TS 5881's. The 7581A was the clear winner for me. It has it all. Nicely balanced from top to bottom.
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    If I wanted to add a Tone Control to a 5F1 Champ...

    That's how the guy who built mine did it too, leaving it with only the high gain input. He left the lone input jack grid resistor 68K though. Shock Brother drew1d caught it and recommended dropping it to 20k-33K. I swapped it for a 33K, and it really opened the amp up. You probably know this...
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    KT88 in a 5F1?

    I started a 5f2a awhile back with the intent of running a KT88. My first build. Been busy with other stuff and haven't worked on it lately. Planning to start a build thread, but didn't want to do that until I could keep at it steady. I'm sure I'll need plenty of help, and don't want it to be a...
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    Best meat for Chili?

    Venison here. Sometimes ground, sometimes cubed.
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    Did Everyone Buy a Guitar in 2020 or What?

    I've hit a point in life I didn't think was possible. I have all the guitars and guns I really want. Not really gassing for more of either. Amps and ammo on the other hand.......
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    Peavey Special 130 no reverb

    Congrats on getting it straightened out. Plug that sucker into a good cab if you have one on hand that'll take it. That heavy MDF cabinet kills the low end. Plugged into my VHT 2x12 loaded with Eminence Texas Heats my 130 is THUNDEROUS on 2!!! Awesome SS amp.
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    Very bad news sorry

    They'll never do it justice. One of my all-time favorite movies.
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    I’m losing my partner...

    Praying for you, your wife, and your family. Keep the faith brother. You'll see her again. God Bless.
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    Hand Strength and Fitness

    I also have tendonitis in my elbows, and have broken both wrists. I started taking Osteo Biflex triple strength a couple weeks ago and it has made a very noticeable improvement with both. Especially my wrists. By reducing inflamation my tendons ar no longer hanging up and popping and cracking...
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    5e3 boot hill amp build

    Double check your resistor values. I had a similar situation with lack of gain in my 5f1. Turned out to be a couple wrong value resistors choking out my signal.
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    New wiggle stick

    Lol. Beat me to it. Gotta love the Rev. Nice guitar e44crowe. Congrats!!!
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    5F1 Champ build diary.

    It's the best 8" I've heard. It beat out the Weber Ceramic sig 8, 8f150, and the Celestion that came in my 5w monoprice. I actually have two of them now in 8 ohm. I'm thinking there's a little 5f1 Twin in my future.
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    Your Idea For A TV Show

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    Couple of amateurs having a go

    . These guys ain't half bad either.