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    Stuff they could have invented a long time ago, but didn't

    In train station scenes in movies from the 30s and 40s, you see people carrying suitcases. Why didn't they use rolling bags with telescoping handles? Technology was advanced enough to have produced them in 1900 or earlier. But nobody thought of this! Other examples of stuff they could have...
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    What Blues Needs…

    The blues needs a singing tenor sax player with a knack for creating catchy themes. Why don't young musicians copy the late, great Junior Walker, instead of SRV? I say this as a guitar player who has perpetrated many hours of "blues" solos in dive bars.
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    Is Anyone Else Reading John Connolly's Charlie Parker Series?

    Let me be the first to ask: do Diz and Monk figure in the plot?
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    Do you take steps to hide your age?

    30 years ago, the large manufacturing company I worked for hired a new CEO, a guy with a head of dark brown hair, untouched by gray. Within a few weeks of his hire, it all turned gray/white. I figured that once he got the job, he gave up the Clairol, not needing to simulate youth any more.
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    What's Your Dream Guitar?

    This looks identical to the guitar I performed with regularly in the late 1970s. I liked it. Somewhat heavy in weight, with loud, high-fidelity sounding pickups.
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    What's Your Dream Guitar?

    An original Fender Duo-Sonic from the 50s in the colors shown below (pic copied from Reverb). For me this is the most beautiful guitar, and I do not know why.
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    'Dipping the toe' back into the murky quagmire of small-town open mic's.

    Hay! You've got to hide your love away...
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    Stratosphere guitar parts website, I don't get it

    I like to look at the Stratosphere parts website, but I don't understand their business model. Do they acquire new guitars, take them apart and sell the components? Just curious.
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    I Miss Real Drums, Rhythmic Variation, Song Dynamics . . .

    For percussion on my computer recordings, sometimes I make my own sounds - claps, tambourine, whacking a cardboard box - and loop them. Or maybe record a kick drum off a website like this one: The way I see it, why should I bother trying to imitate what a good...
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    Books, and the re-reading thereof

    The Travis McGee series by John D. MacDonald. I have them practically memorized.
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    Heard on every music interview podcast: "I'm one of your biggest fans..."

    I like the music interview podcasts. Greg Koch, Cory Wong, others. A positive thing about the Internet. But just once I'd like to NOT hear "I'm one of your biggest fans," from the interviewer, to open the show. Sometimes I think it might not be true, ya know? Maybe the interviewer could...
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    50s Adventures of Superman theme

    I listened to this TV theme possibly 10,000 times as a kid. MCU, DC, Star Wars, et al. don't have themes nearly as dramatic as this one:
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    How about "Funny" gig stories??

    I was subbing on guitar with a country band at a small-town VFW. The set ended, and I put my guitar down. I stepped off the low stage. A guy came up. He got real close, six inches away, face to face. He looked me in the eye. "You suck," he said. I babbled, "Jeez, I'm doing my best, I'm...
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    Old Timer's: What's the first 45 RPM record you ever purchased?

    Elvis Presley, "Viva Las Vegas". I bought it for the flip side, his credible cover of "What'd I Say", replete with Wurlitzer electric piano. I had not heard of Ray Charles in 1964; for all I knew, this was an Elvis tune. "Can't You See That She's Mine", by the Dave Clark Five, also 1964. In...
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    So Why Were You Fired From The Band?

    A famous musician whose name I cannot remember gave advice in an interview: "If you can't sing, you better own a van."