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    PSA - Paul Rigby's guitar collection stolen - please keep eyes open
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    *Marshall Mania*

    Gridlock, that is a VERY cool Marshall. I have a 1974X and love it to death but I imagine those 2x10's must be a part of the special mojo as I have a JMI AC10 with 2x10's and it rings.
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    1952 tele

    The stuff of dreams for sure!
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    Rosewood Trade Restrictions Increased

    And for us who sell guitars to the US.
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    Starter acoustic for daughter/Irish jams

    I started my kids on Little Martins, the LX series. A great tone from such an unimposing guitar. They have gone up in price new, but used deals are to be had. Another choice is a Art & Lutherie AMI, these are small bodied Folk quitars at a...
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    Drive your OCD friends crazy!

    Umm, could you please open the top and retrieve the blue one in with the reds. Thx
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    What is the oldest piece of equipment you own?

    I'm thinking my ole Dobro's from the early '30's are my oldest gear.
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    Show us your Pedal board.

    I did the raw enclosure in 3 coats of sparkly silver, she did the art work and then I put a coat of clear over it. It took some testing as she used a very fine permanent artist marker and I had to find a clear that would not make the ink run. I used a cheapo rattle can spray. thx
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    Show us your Pedal board.

    My daughter bedazzled a Silver Pony I made, it replaced the Soul Food on my big board DW
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    Show us your Pedal board.

    Getting delayed And one DMM goes here I think I was lost in Space. DW
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    Show us your Pedal board.

    This... Into this... DW
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    Sold Your Vintage Amp For Fear Of A Crash?

    I would add to the conversation that great sounding vintage amps don't need to cost a lot. When you remove the financial "worry" it makes owning, collecting and playing them so much less stressful. DW
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    A pedal to switch between amps on the fly--is it called an A/B?

    While your doing your research, add Radial to your list. I use a JX-2 on my big board And a Big Shot ABY on my small board. Great products DW
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    Scammed 30 Years After The Fact

    The longevity of this "scam" is amazing. Just last year I was approached by two guys in a van in a parking lot selling said speakers. I looked at them and said are you serious? DW
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    Billie Joe Armstrong Les Paul Jr Ngd

    Not a lot of the BJA's come up for sale around here in fact I see "wanted" requests for them all the time. Nothing to do with Billy, I'm sure ( lol ), they are just a great way to get close to a real '50's Jr. Enjoy yours! And Traynors, still time to start your collection as we live in the...