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    New Tele builds: Cuban Mahogany and Guanacaste (Parota)

    Fantastic! I love it! Congratulations on a beautiful and unique Tele!
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    Princeton Reverb Build #5

    Just the sight of a Princeton reverb board with a traditional layout makes me feel good inside. Like all is right with the world.
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    Princeton Reverb Build #5

    Looks great! I LOVE Princeton Reverbs!
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    Princeton Reverb Build #5

    And 315-0-315 sounds even MORE perfect! You could actually use a GZ34 if you wanted (I normally don't), rather than going the route of a 5U4 to drop voltage. I prefer the response of the 5U4, but it's nice to have options.
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    Back to basics - 5f1

    Thanks, @OldPup ! Yes, it's definitely a good idea to have space between them for the reason you noted. You can do that either horizontally or vertically. It will help, too, if the resistor is a wire-wound cement 5W resistor like this one. Should be able to handle more heat.
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    Back to basics - 5f1

    So this is where I've ended up after it's all said and done: (1) I could not resist using one of my RCA 6V6 black plate singles. (2) I changed the bias resistor to a 360R. (3) Under load where the supplied voltage is 118-119ACV, there are 299 DCV on the plates of the 6V6. (4) Using my Eurotubes...
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    Princeton Reverb Build #5

    Excellent! A 325-0-325 PT @ 100 mA sounds perfect
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    Princeton Reverb Build #5

    Who makes the pretty power transformer with the blue bell ends?
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    Florance telecaster

    That looks like a legit Peter Florance Tele to me, and I'll bet it does sound good. If you want any further confirmation or information about Peter Florance stuff, reach out to @Pierce here on TDPRI.
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    Back to basics - 5f1

    I ended up changing the output transformer secondary over to the 4R tap to use with a Weber CVA8 that I got from Chicago Music Exchange on Reverb. I also changed the cathode bias resistor to a 360R. And I got this 5A1-style TV front Champ cabinet this afternoon from Guitar Cabinets Direct. I...
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    Guitar Cabinets Direct Love

    I agree with the above assessment. These are high quality builds, with the exception of the handles. At least that has been my experience with their Blackface-style cabinets. I have a Vibrolux Reverb cabinet and a Princeton Reverb cabinet from GCD, and the only difference between them and...
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    Princeton Reverb Build #5

    Subscribed. Off to a great start with a fantastic looking Mather cabinet!
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    Victoria 5112 Speaker & Tubes Suggestions

    What regal2 said. The Tweed Deluxe Speed Shop A12Q is the best speaker on planet Earth for a Tweed Deluxe, in my opinion.
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    Cleanest '74 Pro Reverb you're likely to see.

    Looks great! I want one! Even with the Oxford speakers. Maybe especially with the Oxford speakers. Good work!
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    Quick question about 5F1 lower end this what it sounds like?

    I agree with the hunch of others so far. It does sound like something to do with the speaker. But if it isn't, the first things I'd double check in the circuit are: (1) the first filter cap on the far left side of the board (2) resistor #12, which is the negative feedback resistor, going to the...

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