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    Ramones - She’s The One

    You just need to turn it up LOUDER!
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    Travis picking! Where to start?

    It’s been a while since I’ve attempted to learn Lindsey Buckingham “never going back again” and I have recently returned to it. I can almost pull off a “passable” version of the song but it isn’t how it should be. The reason being that my Travis picking skills aren’t very good. I’d be very...
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    Free Captain Beefheart CD

    I know of captain beef heart but I don’t know if I’ve ever heard any. Great gesture to whomever you send it to!
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    You can pick your guitar, you can pick your nose, but you can’t guitar your nose!

    I think Jimi nosed the occasional guitar and did alright at it too!
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    Space Hog: In the Meantime

    I had a similar experience. When I was younger my older sister subscribed to one of those 12 cds for 1 cent scams, and she offered to buy me a cd for my birthday. I said Spacehog! She tried to talk me out of it saying they only had the one good song, I didn’t listen. I wish I had. Every 10 years...
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    Hello from Nova Scotia

    Welcome! Great looking guitar so far! You have stumbled across a wonderful forum here.
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    Bigsby on a '56 Duo Sonic. Bridge considerations

    I would Recommend drawing a scale model of the guitar plane. Draw the fretboard, nut, top of the body (measure stand-off height of the neck) then stand-off height of the bridge. You’ll then see where your strings will run, and can calculate out what shim angle you’d need to get to the playable...
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    Bigsby on a '56 Duo Sonic. Bridge considerations

    Because the bigsby saddle height is so high your action is going to be very high if you don’t shim the neck. Your other option would be to sink the bridge.
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    Present for the guitarist who has everything

    It's nothing fancy but I sure like mine:
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    At least 65% of guitar players I see are completely unaware of how volume and tone controls work.

    Just because you don't constantly adjust them doesn't mean you don't know how to use them. Playing guitar and playing the dials aren't one and the same.
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    Just ordered my first soldering iron, what now?

    I’d suggest watching some uncle Doug videos on YouTube. Check out robrobs website. The best way to learn is by opening up one of your broken amps and fixing it! But don’t do it mindlessly. Open it up, look what is there, learn what it is you are looking at. See what us broken. If it isn’t...
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    Happy Birthday Keef!

    Keith Richards doesn’t have birthdays, birthdays have Keith Richards. May he rock on for many more!
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    Telemaster wiring question

    That looks okay-ish. Generally red and green wires are used to connect the end and beginning of coils in the middle of a hum bucker if you want to do coil splitting. You won’t find these on a single coil. You will need to tap off the lead of your bridge pickup to run to the P/P switch. You will...
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    Telemaster wiring question

    Sounds like it should work just fine as long as the 3 way toggle only goes to one gang of the p/p pot. Might be helpful to see your wiring diagram drawn up as well.
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    The Slow Death of a Shopping Mall

    “The malls are the soon to be ghost towns, well so long, farewell, good-bye” it’s been a slow decline we all watched over the last 30 years at least.