The Spruce Plan

Got my first guitar in '89. Went electric ten years later. Now I make guitars, but I bought my deam guitar from 1999 and I still have it. I am not Tele player per se (and may never be since I make my own guitars), but after years of lurking, I reapect this forum more than any other and I do feel that the Tele got the most right of any other major design out there. In fact, all my guitars feature Tele 4 way wiring... after two decades of trying everything else.

I play heavy metal mostly, but I will play anything but jazz... only because jazz baffles me.
Jun 21, 1979 (Age: 43)
Fairbanks, AK
Your amps and other gear
Amps: AMT TC-1 (x2), AMT TC-3, Randall RG13, Marshall 3315
FX: AMT SS30, VL Giggity, Walrus Julia, TRex Taptone, Proco Rat, AMT wah
Axe: Pacifica 604W, self made "Skeith" V, "Atlantica" S, and "Karvi" T