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    My Fender Tele or My Squier Tele | Which Do I Love More?

    Those Affinities have really nice necks. I had one but kept it for only a few days before returning it, because the nut just wasn't wide enough to suit me. I was delighted with everything else about it. If that nut had been another 1 or 2 mm wider, I might never have felt the need to buy another...
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    Monoprice Stage Right 15w combo owners. Got rust?

    This has me really curious now. It didn't show up anywhere but in the photo? Did you take more than one photo where it was visible? Makes me wonder whether it might have been a very thin sheen of oil spreading from the pots. Oil film can cause weird reflections in photos, and it doesn't take...
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    Incoming NGD! Epi Les Paul '59

    I predict you're going to love it. I'm addicted to mine. After a year*, the honeymoon is still ongoing. * Weird coincidences for $100: Out of curiosity I looked at my MF ordering history, and I ordered my '59 LP exactly a year ago today. It hasn't lost any shine in my eyes or ears.
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    My Fender Tele or My Squier Tele | Which Do I Love More?

    I too went through a period of feeling ever so slightly inadequate because my Classic Vibe Telecaster said Squier on the headstock instead of Fender. Finally I got myself an honest-to-god made-in-the-USA Fender Tele. It's a fantastic instrument, noticeably better than the Classic Vibe in...
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    Monoprice Stage Right 15w combo owners. Got rust?

    Dude, wash your hands more often! ;)
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    Amp with the most Controls?

    A guy I played alongside in the '70s used an Acoustic 470. It was like the control panel in an airplane next to my Sunn Solaris.
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    Embarrassingly Simple Computer Question...

    Even in the years before the internet existed, people still subscribed to newspapers and magazines, joined book- and record-of-the-month clubs, entered mail-in contests, and sent box tops to Battle Creek, MI for neat prizes. A friend advised me to alter my name slightly in a unique way every...
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    Embarrassingly Simple Computer Question...

    It probably won't. Cookies trigger things when you're browsing the web. They don't invite email. Microsoft offers fairly good advice to reduce spam. The #1 way to keep spam down is to not give your email address to any website you don't want spam from. If you participate in online surveys...
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    Power Engine 60 type amp build

    Eagerly awaiting preliminary test results.
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    What Blues Needs…

    There was a time around the '20s and '30s when blues wasn't just "race music," it was "women's music." Most of the big-name singers were women, and most of the customers for the music were women. Since "race records" didn't get much play on the radio, they were sold door-to-door, mostly across...
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    Old Timer's: What's the first 45 RPM record you ever purchased?

    I still have it, and I still love it!
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    GAS: School me on Champ or Champion Amps please

    I'll throw in the obligatory plug for the VHT Special 6. It's sort of a deluxe tweed Champ. In addition to the volume knob you get a tone control with a tone cut switch that gives it a more scooped voice, pentode and triode modes, a 10-inch speaker in the combo version, and it's hand-wired so...
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    Congratulations. When is the new arrival due?
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    Help me pick a LP substitute

    I've had the Epiphone '59 Standard for close to a year. It's outstanding. Has a chunky neck, so be sure you like that before buying. I can't imagine ever needing or wanting a better Les Paul than this one.
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    Comparing my new Squier CV 60s Custom to my Baja

    I have a few guitars with Indian laurel fingerboards, and to my eye the lighter hue and color variations are very attractive. They have streaks of gold and a sort of milk chocolate brown that's quite pretty. 100% subjective, of course. The pots on your Squier probably are linear taper instead...

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