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    FGN Telecasters Anyone?

    I'm kind of naive about these things and no doubt it's been discussed before, but how is it that these companies are able to use obvious Fender designs without fear of lawsuit?
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    What's the appeal of Telecasters?

    waving that suggestive headstock around in the air, at high volume.
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    Why we really need pedals . . .

    Because most of our playing and teaching is over Zoom or on home recordings these days and we can't play at tube overdrive volume.
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    Musician Jokes

    They're actually the same size. Violinist's heads are bigger.
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    Which side?

    Not talking about performance stage placement, just where you habitually are in relation to your amp. Like, in a jam or rehearsal.
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    Which side?

    No, I'm talking about your relation to the amp, not stage placement. Say in a rehearsal or jamming space, or in a studio, I usually put my amp behind me, to my right.
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    Which side?

    A thread last week on the jazz guitar forum about avoiding feedback on small stages or in rehearsals made me curious: Someone said they always keep the amp behind them to the left, to minimize feedback from a hollow body guitar. I always play with my amp behind and to my right. By now it's a...
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    String choice for Epiphone Archtop

    Nice looking guitar. I have a 1935 Epi Triumph that I play acoustic jazz and other 1920s-ish music on. I've tried a lot of things but I have 80/20 round-wounds on it these days. Personally I don't like playing on flats, especially on an acoustic guitar. They don't have the flex that I like for...
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    Fender foot switch light

    Thanks for the reply. I was doubting that he was even a real business. He should hire an assistant.
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    Fender foot switch light

    Update: Following Zen's advice (above) I ordered and paid for the switch from Loopmaster in July 2017. It is now October and I still have not received it. I got no acknowledgement for the order. I wrote to them in September and got a cryptic note that said the status of my order was "wiring...
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    Fender foot switch light

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    Fender foot switch light

    Is there a good replacement for a Deluxe Reverb 2-button foot switch that has LED lights? Thanks!
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    Santa Anna's Retreat, clawhammer guitar

    I've been screwing around with a 5-string Tele using clawhammer banjo technique. The tuning is gDGCD. The tune is called Santa Anna's Retreat, an old fiddle tune first recorded by Henry Reed who got it from Quince Dillon.
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    Recordings with single coil hum

    Single coil noise on a live stage is a fact of life that tele players ignore, try to minimize, or maybe even find charming, but in a studio it can drive you insane. Still, I can't think of any recordings--even analog recordings--where pickup noise in the final product is really problematic...
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    Overdrive pedal with Deluxe Reverb

    I'm slow, I get it now and I retract my snippiness. This looks like a pretty interesting alternative. -t

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