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    Laughing In A Movie Theater

    There is a place for this! When I lived in Eureka CA it seemed talking at the screen and commenting scenes was par for the course. I saw some horror film back in the 1980s then and there was this ominous dark room with a green illumined glass cylinder in the middle. Some one yelled out "frog in...
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    Should or Shouldn't?? Modify my CS 63

    I was just thinking this is one of the pit falls with CS guitars. To me "custom shop" is what was assembled in the custom shop. Exact parts and labor. If you "upgrade" any component the CS is now worth less. Substantially less IMO. This goes double for anniversary CS like the 70th Broadcaster...
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    Laughing In A Movie Theater

    I had a GF and her and her sisters were down right embarrassing in theaters! Uncontrollable loud hysteric LONG laughter at even the weakest funny moments. Everyone in front would turn around...Look at them then at me like I should do something about it! First couple times kinda funny then it...
  4. Texicaster it "the best food?"

    Unless you live close to the source all your getting is frozen with color added! Just because they thawed it out before they put it in the case doesn't mean it's "fresh". Next too pulled out of the water fresh frozen is a good choice. I worked the fishing industry back in the 1980s and we'd...
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    Dr. Strange...should I go see it?

    A devout Marvel fan buddy of mine loved it! I finally got caught up with most of the Avengers franchise this past year buying most of them for $5 at Walmart. While I've not seen it I'm sure there's enough connections that you'd miss a LOT starting here. You'd at least want to see the first...
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    Question about typical tele sounds

    Telecaster can sound like anything! Dan Baird plays a Telecaster.... Is this a Tele? Who knows!
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    any ideas for low volume playing, maybe without an amp?

    Black Star Fly mini amp! <$100. Super light, batteries last forever! Pretty good sound for a plastic box.
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    Songs About Money

    My baby gives me the finance blues, Tax me to the limit of my revenues. Here she comes finger-poppin', clickety-click She says furs or diamonds, you take your pick. She wants money, what she wants............
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    A little Friday Grateful Dead gem

    Well..... These long pondering "poems" were too much for me. It was great the first time then quickly bored me. Last show I saw was '93 and was bored out of my skull (and roses! :D) By that time Jerry was simply digging through his bag of tricks and riffs and hardly creating anymore. That...
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    Anyone here been bitten by a venomous snake.

    Good friend of mine got bit by a rattler a few years ago..... He survived just fine but explained the problem is the anti-venom is so precious they give you the smallest doses to turn the tide. You could be "cured" with one fat dose but they give you tiny ones then if you start to fade out you...
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    Separated at birth?

    Not quite Don Knotts and Mick Jagger...
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    Tone Chasing

    I'm OK with my rig right now. It's a CS 70th Ann. Broadcaster into a Swart STR-Tremolo. A few fx but mostly a Swart Atomic Boost (Rangefinder type treble boost) and a newly acquired Diamond CPR-1 compressor. Say I want to sound like Garcia's solo on Mr. Charlie. Probably not the best...
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    Tone Chasing

    ¡Bueno!™ Let's say you have a tone in mind your rig is not offering as-is. Where in the chain would you start to make changes towards that tone? Before investing in new stuff like pups or amps or speakers or fx etc....
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    NPD! New Pedal Day!

    This one is quite different! I've tried a few and owned Wampler Ego, Boss and Keeley Comp+ (Of those I liked the Keeley best!). All introduced noise early in the compression. Supposedly an artifact of compression and nothing you can do...except the Diamond is almost silent when dime'd across the...
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    NPD! New Pedal Day!

    ¡Bueno!™ Never happy with compressor pedals. ALL just add too much noise to the rigs I've used. Until this Diamond CPR-1! Even all knobs cranked just the slightest hiss if that! Very cool in the few minutes I've played with it. Absolutely usable throughout the range. If any complaint too...