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    When I was a kid our vinyl was black

    My 8 year old calls DVDs “records.”
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    When I was a kid our vinyl was black

    I’m 38 and buy pretty much exclusively on vinyl these days. Caveat for me is that I’m a huge, huge Beatles and classic rock fan, and since college, I’ve always had my dad’s records and his old turntable. To me, it was “the way the artist intended.” When I dove in then, it all made sense…the...
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    NGD! Gretsch G5420T Electromatic!!

    Nice! I’ve had my eye on the 5422T for a while, which is the same but has the double cutaway. Actually was between that and a Player Tele that I had modded to some more vintage specs. People here said I’ll eventually get both, and they were likely right on that…
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    Did you like the Sopranos finale?

    I was originally confused by the Sopranos ending, but what happens now seems pretty clear to me. Not sure if they’re “spoilers” if they’re 15 years old, but I’ll skip on specifics and leave it as that, just in case. There are enough clues in season 6. I think Many Saints would’ve worked better...
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    XTC - Live!

    A fellow Colin fan, I see!
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    XTC - Live!

    You should check out TC&I - Colin and Terry (hence the name, very clever) put out an EP and played some gigs at the Swindon arts center a couple of years ago. Terry’s now continuing with that band as “EXTC”.
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    XTC - Live!

    Also, does it get any better than this?
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    XTC - Live!

    One of my favorite bands. It’s interesting in that they also had their “studio years,” not unlike The Beatles, after they stopped touring. All of them (Partridge, Moulding, Gregory) are immensely talented. Over time, I’ve gravitated to Colin Moulding’s songs more, although Andy Partridge could...
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    So, How Do You Coffee?

    Nice! It's a pretty nice setup, and I use the v60 more than the Chemex I have, for sure. I've also heard the Baratza has some limitations with espresso (my brother funnily enough got into the espresso stuff during the COVID times at the same time I got into pour over), but I agree, it definitely...
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    So, How Do You Coffee?

    I've become a pour over person since the pandemic started. Hario v60 and a Baratza Encore grinder are my go-tos, and I buy coffee from a website that works as a partner with a bunch of local roasters across the US. All good stuff, although to others it probably looks like I'm a character in...
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    No more Rose pickups

    There's a saying when it comes to content, especially with a business being beholden to any place (YouTube, Facebook, App Store, etc.) where the rules can change at any moment in time: "Don't build your house on rented land."
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    Mike Campbell's Broadcaster

    I’m a huge Mike Campbell fan and I love this “Broadcaster” - see my avatar for proof! As you mention, a lot of things about the body are consistent with a ‘52, especially the serial number range and the flat head screws. The sound he describes with the guitar as being “not too bright” vs. other...
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    Every liked a guitar that is not comfortable to play?

    I’m new to Teles after 20+ years of playing a Strat. Both the body and the vintage-style Fender bridge are taking some getting used to. I was surprised with the neck too - it’s the same shape as my Strat with the same measurements and radius, but it feels like the edges of the fretboard (not the...
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    Songs That Can Bring A Tear To Your Eye

    My wife and I have a joke that we hear each other listening to Jackson Browne, we ask each other “are you okay?” I love his music a ton, but I’ve got to be in a mood, for sure. One of his in particular that always gets me, without fail, is For A Dancer:
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    Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers - OGWT 1978

    You can probably see from my avatar that I’m a bit biased, but they were incredible. Absolutely my favorite band to see live, and if you haven’t listened to the Live Anthology, it’s well worth a listen. All their concerts felt truly like an emotional experience. I miss that guy dearly. He left...

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