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    Proper setup tutorials and tools

    learning to set up and repair your guitars is a very wise decision grasshopper
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    Wild animals are taking over/visitors every night/your visitors?

    javelina or coyote wanders by occasionally
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    It`s Gotta Be The Shoes

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    here`s another they did beside a river with ?The Other Favorites
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    they both seem to improve with every video and teamed with Josh and Carson is a special treat
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    I think it`s great story telling
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    Reverb (the website). Can somebody give me some advice here??

    Etsy ruined a good thing
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    Power screwdriver?

    I thought everyone had a couple already
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    Are expensive pickups worth it?

    "$500 pickups will make you a better player than $19.99 pickups" he said sarcastically
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    Young Talent, Old Song, great job

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    Things to Quit Saying

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    Sad Songs and Waltzes (Willie Nelson Cover)

    almost a pedal steel sound
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    I accidentally bought a trampoline

    don`t worry you`ll bounce back
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    Tone Specific pickups

    it`s a copper wire wrapped around magnets by magic fingers