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    What's on your workbench today?

    How can the most epic thread on TDPRI only have 7 "likes"? I added one to make it 8. I know that some decry the evolution of TDPRI towards something with elements of a Facebook social media site, but this thread appears to have 2M views. Wow. Dear @guitarbuilder , thanks for starting an epic...
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    Unpopular opinion

    I personally feel that critics need to reflect and curb their negativity when it is not constructive.
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    Ash Tele vs Alder - What's the REAL difference?

    Unless I missed it, I'm surprised that nobody has commented that ash is a harder wood, less prone to dents, than alder.
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    How long should I dry a large found board of old Mahongany for use in guitar building?

    Aha! So YOU'RE the guy who swiped my cousin Connor's piece of wood!
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    Tall Tales From Youth

    I've had high school friends who can't reconcile their teen selves with whom they are striving to be today. Maybe that's Joe. Or maybe he and those others are trying to forget those mullet haircuts. 😄
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    Single worst line of lyrics....

    "Wrapped up like a douche When you’re rollin in the night" I know, I know .... :D:D:D
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    Alice's Restaurant

    Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!
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    It's not up to you to say whether or not you're a moron...

    I'm certain that you're right.
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    Do or don’t?

    “To be is to do”—Socrates. “To do is to be”—Jean-Paul Sartre. “Do be do be do”—Frank Sinatra.
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    Guitarists should be judged by technical skill alone.

    I imagine that you would judge the great works of literature by how quickly the author can type 😞
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    Please delete this!!!

    Please .... delete this ... let it go For I ... don't want it ... anymore
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    No sound when grounding bridge

    If all was fine until you put in the shielding, it sounds like your bridge pickup hot is contacting the shielding you put in, but that shielding in the pickup pocket is floating until you make the bridge plate connection to ground?
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    The ‘Currently’ Most Recognized Surf Song?

    Can you do pull off harmonies like the Beach Boys? If so, you've got a bunch of great choices. If instrumental, I'd rather hear the original Ventures version of pipeline.
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    I'm a bad person

    Isolating yourself, IMO, is probably a defensive posture to being frustrated or angry with your situation. I find that the best way to manage through frustration is with humor, and it's hard to find humor by yourself. Venturing out with an objective to share some humor will likely be more...
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    Advice on purchase, please

    If you're not a collector or a flipper, the only reason to buy it is that you've always wanted a Les Paul and you like the way this one looks and plays. Saving a hundred or two is nice if that's the case. If you don't really want another guitar, it's not a reason to buy it ... unless you want...