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    Your favorite analog delay…

    BOSS DM-3.
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    Nobels ODR-1 First Impressions.

    To me the way to use the Nobels ODR-1 is as a grit pedal for rhythm guitar. The session guys in Nashville who made them famous like Tom Bukovac, all use them for a lower gain rhythm tone for a broken up sound. I rarely see boards with the gain beyond half. Most of them are about 10/11 o' clock...
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    Xotic BB preamp

    The BB Preamp isn't as much gain as a Crunch Box I know. I've not tried an SL Drive but from demos, I'd argue the BB has less gain than that one as well. The BB is to my ears a bit Marshally yes, but lower gain sounds. The BB stands for Bluesbreaker. It's not a Bluesbreaker pedal circuit, but...
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    What is it about Overdrive Pedals. They probably equal in number All Other Effect Pedals Combined !!! Why????

    I think the reason there are so many dirt pedals is because there are so many people buying them vs something else. Companies like Wampler, JHS, Rockett, etc are going to do a lot of dirt pedals because that's what sells the most. Even Josh Scott thinks that it's getting to be a bit long in the...
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    What do you dislike about the Telecaster ?

    My list is pretty small. Now if this were about Stratocasters, which I *do* play, the list might be a bit longer lol. My only real gripe with most Teles is the neck pickup - which I almost always end up changing to either another pickup type entirely (strat, P-90, minihum, humbucker, etc) or...
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    Should The Eagles give it up?

    I consider Walsh and Schmit to be original members in the sense they were with the band in the 70s. I never cared for Bernie Leadon personally as a player or the first couple of albums, I was way more into the rockier music and so I gravitated to Joe Walsh who replaced him. I like the later 70s...
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    Favorite neck humbucker?

    Seymour Duncan Pearly Gates. It has a brighter thing that pairs great with a Tele bridge pickup and doesn't sound out of congress with the bridge single coil. I have one in a Tele with a Klein Epic 52 bridge and I love the combo.
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    Super Bowl food idea's ..

    The local Mexican restaurant has a special for takeout this year and last. You get 15 beef tacos hard or soft shell, cheese sauce, salsa, chips, refried beans, and cheese rice on these big takeout trays. We're doing a box of soft shell and a box of hard shell. That should do it for us. In years...
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    Your favorite EQ pedal?

    I boost a lot of 800 and level mostly. I do pull back bass occasionally, especially with Gibson guitars with humbuckers. I never pull back treble. I like a lot of high end in my sound, though. I might actually be inclined to add highs sometimes, especially with say an ES-335 type guitar. :)...
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    Your favorite EQ pedal?

    Yeah, I'm usually looking to boost things, so for me that's why the stock unit didn't cut it. I usually like a "healthy" mid boost and level up.
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    Your favorite EQ pedal?

    I'm always looking for a mid *boost* though, usually I'm always boosting vs cutting. Usually I'm trying to boost level and boost mids for a solo. I don't think it's possible to have too much mids on a guitar. Bass is the only thing I'd ever cut. I've never had it sound artificial using the...
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    Your favorite EQ pedal?

    That's unfortunate. Mine wasn't an issue of hum based on power and just turning it on as much as it was if you pushed any of the sliders up to a boost a frequency, that's when hiss would kick in, the higher the slider the higher the hiss. Also the Analog Man has a bit more clearer fidelity to...
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    Your favorite EQ pedal?

    I like the BOSS GE-7 with the Analog Man mod. It basically shuts it up (no hiss), and somehow makes it a little more pleasant sounding on the top end. Turns a good pedal into a great one IMO. Really worth it for the lack of hiss.
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    The REVISED tele BRIDGE pickup magnet type poll

    I'm an old school hotter early Blackguard era fan and for me thats A3. More Keith Richards than Don Rich. Broadcaster and Nocaster type tones. Twangy, but beefy twang. And plenty crunchy. Less of that clean, bell like Bakersfield tone. When it comes to country music, I like more of a rockin'...

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