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Sep 19, 2005
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Doctor of Teleocity, from Vermont

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Hi Jeb, sorry for the delay in responding. The pickup cavity is wide enough but I'm not certain it's deep enough. Apr 26, 2016

    1. Bassgod
      Hey there Telenator!
      I’m on the hunt for a pickguard for my 1973 Deluxe. Preferably black but beggars can’t be choosers!!. I see you’re a vendor on this site. Do you happen to run across and 70s era pickguard for Telecaster Deluxes ever? Would love to find one. Thx you! Dave
      1. Telenator
        Hi Dave, I have to imagine a new one would fit. If you need the aged look, perhaps Nash Guitars can supply you with something. Otherwise, I'd do what everyone else does, and just search on line.
        Nov 17, 2020
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    2. Controller
      Really appreciate your creations and contributions to TDPRI. I just have to ask, are you helping Fender with the recreation of the CuNiFe WRHBs?
      1. Telenator
        LOL! No, they served me with a cease and desist order back in 2015. I'm interested to see what their new pickups are like. I have no doubt they own one of ours. Our WRHBs were the only repros made from parts that were 100% interchangeable with Fender.
        Jul 26, 2020
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    3. panic
      Hello, I came across this post where you helped someone with high resistance when measuring pickup (https://www.tdpri.com/threads/pickup-resistance-too-high.175393/). I'm having a similar issue with a 1983 Gibson Explorer. Dirty Fingers pickups, neck giving me 217 kOhms, bridge 353 kOhms. Soldering at pots seems ok. Should I be checking inside the pickup itself? Thank you!
    4. zezone
      Hi, I hope you're doing fine. I remember you selling WRHB templates at some point but your website seems offline. Do you still have those? Thanks.
      1. Telenator
        Hi, yes I still have some. $28.00 including Priority shipping in the USA. My templates have the pickup cavity, and pickguard openings set on etched center lines for perfect alignment. contact me at [email protected]
        Dec 1, 2018
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    5. blackbelt308
      Greetings! Any chance you might still have a routing template and a mounting ring for WRHBs? I'm spec'ing a custom build and would like to use a 1978 WRHB at the neck.
      Thanks a bunch!
      1. Telenator
        Hi Rick, yes we still have some parts. Not sure about the rings, but definitely have the routing templates. Please contact [email protected] and tell Mike that you were referred from me at TDPRI. He'll set you up. Bob
        Jun 15, 2018
    6. Chezteladog
      I have some original WRHB's and I believe at least one of the pole pieces may be demagnetized. I am researching how to remagnetize them myself when I stumbled upon a thread where you stated that you remagnetize them for free? Maybe I'll find some info here on how to properly do it myself but is it something you would still consider doing for me?
    7. okavipra
    8. Telenator
      Hi Jeb, sorry for the delay in responding. The pickup cavity is wide enough but I'm not certain it's deep enough.
    9. jeb stuart
      jeb stuart
      Hi there. I was told you may have the answer for this. Would a p90 fit in the routing (depth, width etc.) of a MIM tele 72custom? Its a 2002. I am wanting to put it in the neck posistion but dont have the tools for routing. I was looking at something like the seymour duncan vintage p90. I would get the proper pickgaurd. Thank you. Jeb
      1. Telenator
        Hi Jeb, I believe the P90 is actually a little bit wider than a WRHB.
        Mar 26, 2018
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