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    Are there any thinline Teles that aren't....

    That is a nice looking guitar and most here will love it and leave it as is… I, on the other hand, would be looking for a regular sized pickguard and mod it.. I know- different strokes - Maybe i am in the minority but i just cannot get over those long curvy pg’s!
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    Are there any thinline Teles that aren't....

    Another nice one!
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    Can anyone recommend me some vintage-correct strat pickups?

    I have the same specs on my strat and I am very fond of the 54 strat specs. I would look at the Fralin 54's or the Bareknuckle Apache sets - both are Alnico III and both are stellar. I did not want to change my entire set as I really like my Vanzandt True Vintage in the neck and middle -...
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    NGD Fender CS Vintage Custom 1957 Stratocaster NOS

    Ash, maple, lightweight, the most correct color combo, vintage gold hardware - etc... whats NOT to love! That is a proper strat my friend!
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    Best sounding Silverface

    That sounds about perfect! Ben Fargen makes great amps!
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    Are there any thinline Teles that aren't....

    The ONLY reason i dont own a thinline tele is because of that heinous pickguard that covers more than half of the guitar - but this one ^ is awesome! That is what I will do when I get a thinline - find one with a normal pickguard like this.
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    ‘CIJ’ Tele dated 1997-98, no idea how to know if it’s real

    Nice score! It looks legit and if it plays well - then it is a steal also!
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    Have you ever discovered music in a movie?

    I was recently watching a weirdish movie on cable called “colossal” and was not too enthused about it but kept watching… Then this song came out and caught my ear immediately;
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    Have you ever discovered music in a movie?

    this one - nick drake
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    Replace a word in a movie title with the word "bacon"

    Once Upon a Bacon in America
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    Saddle Screws Eating Up Hand

    Highwood saddles!
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    Curt Magnan strings?

    Been using Mangan pure nickel 10's for years and years - best toneful strings I have found in a long time.
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    Perhaps I’m persnickety but…Quality Control on original 50s new tele

    I can only speak for myself - I play a Tele like it stole money from me - the second I get my hands on it. I might have noticed those "defects" on my first string change while I was happily wiping the fretboard and getting it all re-set up again to my specs - and I would have probably thought...
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    NGD - AO 60's Custom Telecaster: My first tele and first post

    Very nice - and dripping with Mojo!
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    Glendale Tele-style neck

    One thing I do remember though - I really really loved that neck - it was so easy to play and comfortable and it did feel very good in the hand. Just a stellar neck shape IMO.