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    Guitar greats that you just don't get?

    LOL! There are two years since I was last on the TDPRI, but obviously some things never change ... ;-)
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    Don Felder on Glenn Frey

    At least Felder wrote the chord progressions and the guitar solo. He rarely finished any song that he started writing. But that guitar solo is one of the best in the history of rock, so that counts for something, I guess. :wink:
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    Don Felder on Glenn Frey

    I don't know if this has been posted earlier, but it's certainly something to think about for all those of you who have uttered some real harsh words about Glenn over the years that I've been a member here ... Don Felder Pays Tribute to Glenn Frey’s ‘Amazing Genius’ "Glenn’s passing was so...
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    Maple vs Rosewood finger boards.

    LOL! That was funny, jaytee32.
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    Maple vs Rosewood finger boards.

    I agree with everything here. But I too have only been playing for a little over 50 years. But why does the myth that maple is harder than rosewood still live? Because a maple fretboard is usually covered with a more or less thick layer of poly and the rosewood is unfinished?
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    american vintage / pure vintage 58 vs 64

    Skin chemistry has a lot to do with it. But a nitro finish will nonetheless feel sticky to most players until it's properly cured. For some this stickyness will never go away though.
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    Router('s) Hump.

    Nevertheless it's period correct.
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    Classic Series '50s Esquire neck: thicker than American Standard's C neck?

    While that is true, the Classic 50s neck has always been considerably deeper than the AmStd neck. The smaller fretboard radius also adds to this.
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    Classic Series '50s Esquire neck: thicker than American Standard's C neck?

    Agree. Maybe slightly less shoulders. But a very different profile than the AmStd neck, which seems real flat in comparison.
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    Glenn Frey dies at 67

    A big fan of the Eagles and Glenn Frey! R.I.P.
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    NGD tele 63

    I agree with sonny wolf (I mostly do). The only thing I would change is the pickguard. I'd go for an all-white 1-ply. But that's just me. And Steve Cropper ... :wink:
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    AVRI 64 ash vs alder

    The only scientific test I've seen on this topic:
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    Greatest 'one-two' on debut album?

    Not a doubt in my mind ... RMqJ2V6zOd0 FRTRYGoahJg
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    Roy Nichols playing a Les Paul video

    Well ... Roy played Les Pauls occasionally.
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    Tortoise shell body binding.

    Never seen it either.

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