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    Anyone here been bitten by a venomous snake.

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    I'm 95% sure I have diabetes

    You are a candidate. If you diet right for type II, you will get healthier. Otherwise, you will be advancing the speed of your mortality, at lightspeed.
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    Hello from Yorkshire, UK

    Do you live near Bill Nelson? LOL
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    Lionfish Info

    They are supposed to taste pretty good.
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    ALWAYS have Benadryl on hand. The life you save, may be your own.
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    Thinline telecaster twang?

    My 69 thinline twangs like a mofo. It has the original bridge PU & a Frailin neck. More twangy than my Nocaster
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    We're all being suckered......

    4 years ago my friend & I were in Amsterdam. We walked into a music store & my friend bought a few things. One was a Chinese Strat. STOCK! It played fantastic, sounded fantastic, plugged & unplugged. It was very inexpensive. Made me wonder about my custom shop strat. Yes it was better than the...
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    Magic Johnson & Larry Bird : A Courtship Of Rivals (Documentary)

    I watched it, very good doc.
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    Magic Johnson & Larry Bird : A Courtship Of Rivals (Documentary)

    I am digging the HBO series on the Lakers. I will check this out also.
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    Old Hippies!

    I laugh. You would think by talk today that there were millions of Hippies. Well, their definition of a Hippie has a bunch of holes in it. THe hole is, there weren't that many Hippies and many young folks were lumped in with them. All you needed was long hair. All Dead heads were not Hippies...
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    Guitar/Amp/Pedal wishlist

    There is logic in not having the gear I might want. Which is why I don't have what I want because I accomplished a lot of it with lesser equipment. BUT Ronin and the fellow who makes their pickups are something I would covet. I tried one a few years ago. It floored me. I guess I'd like a good...
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    Tongue cancer.

    Speedy recovery my friend.
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    Thinline Resonator?
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    People who sit while you practice - what do you sit on? Pics appreciated.

    I want an good office chair with retractable arms.
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    Americas BEST comedian attacked!

    The beatdown. Hmm. Imagine the adrenalin inside of someone who is hired to protect you. Imagine the rush when your friend is being attacked next to you. Some people get so emotionally warped in a short amount of time when something is wrong or perceived wrong. Is there a correct way to handle...

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