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    Any Japanese Jerry Donahue owners out there? Advice please!

    Hi there. I own a Fender JD Japanese Tele, and a few years ago I switched the pickups... subsequently sold those and recently got it out of storage to put the stock Seymour Duncans back in. Trouble is, I've forgotten what pins the hot bridge and neck should be wired to. I seem to remember both...
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    Photo of your first ever Tele ?

    Only photo of my Squier Japan, 1989?? My first Tele that started it all..
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    Another new guy...HELP WITH TELECASTER ID

    Dodgycaster.- non Fender body, SD pup at the bridge, 1 string tree (???), 5 hole guard.. this has gotta be a Partsocaster... that neck is non-Fender to me too....
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    Anyone got names for their guitars?

    (Unoriginally)... everyone in the family refers to her as "Twangy"...
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    Show us your BLUE Teles!

    Kylef, how did you manage to match the finish in the neck pickup cavity? Or do Fender do Blue Flower Esquire bodies?
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    Pic of my Nashville

    I'm loving the tortie with the sunburst- I'd keep it just the way it is.
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    Which would you go for?

    LPB for me.
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    Is this a real 1968?

    Ah.. the famous 68/69 half-notch raises it's head again... time to break out the piccy :)
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    Is this a real 1968?

    A factory installed Bigsby wouldn't have had the holes drilled. Pickguard WOULD have been white. Cloth wiring looks very new tho.
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    Tele newbie asking for tips and tricks

    TIP: Removing the ashtray dramatically improves right-hand damping techniques. :) Seriously tho, some good advice here.
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    My 68-69 Telecaster with the Cubist(?) Pick Guard

    Yeh, I see it now. Bottom line is that if the guard is original, the customisation must have been done after it left the Fender factory. There are pearloid-backed repros out there, but if you've owned it since '74 chances are it's the original (modified) guard. I have a '68 and a '72, and I'm...
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    My 68-69 Telecaster with the Cubist(?) Pick Guard

    Just a guess, but might be a logo or personalised emblem.. doesn't look typical of any vibrato device I've seen. Other forum members might know better tho. If the PG has been in storage, then it could also be original I guess (could it be a home-done ink stamp pattern??).. does it look like...
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    My 68-69 Telecaster with the Cubist(?) Pick Guard

    Pickguard looks too clean to be original, Pearloid backing and truss adj notch there, but no signs of shrinkage, screw-rust or cracking. Never heard of anything other than white ones! Does the design look like its been added later? Alder body suggestive it was once a solid color (most likely...
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    Who else likes how shiny their Tele is?

    Did anything survive the house fire???

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