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    Logan Custom Guitars Club

    Hi Larry, just checking in with you...Glad to hear you took your Logan's out for the night,sounds like you had fun! As usual I never get enough of your wonderful collection of magic from Bob....I dig the lighting on your shots! Take care Larry! Edward
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    Random Daily Photos September 2022 Edition

    Bald Eagle Carson City Nevada
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    Somewhere Over The Rainbow, 1939

    You are so welcome Rene
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    Somewhere Over The Rainbow, 1939

    You sing with such tenderness.....Enough to lift me up over that Rainbow
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    Finished my second partscaster! Super happy with the result.

    Great job! Really nice looking guitar...
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    A pair of partscasters

    Very nice brother!
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    My Newest Acquisition

    Beautiful brother!
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    Arrrgh…we all have to post one eventually don’t we ? Notch/Mookie 2007-2022

    I am so sorry brother, my arm is around you today...Mookie will always be alive in your thoughts and heart....Love to you bro....
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    Newly assembled Tele

    Great looking guitar!!
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    Suicide PSA

    Sorry friend, You words are so true.......
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    NGD Players Tele

    Really beautiful brother!
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    New Partscaster: Walnut - Zebrawood thinline(ish).

    so beautiful, congratulations brother!
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    What makes your Telecaster "Yours"?

    Larry, I knew it was you from first look! You have the poster boy collection from Bob Logan...You turned me on to him and it has been very rewarding! Here are my two from Bob and starting #3 soon...Duncan 59's in the neck...Edward