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    NGD 1960 Custom Telecaster Relic

    Beautiful Tele....Congrats!
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    Hello from new builder.

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    Hello from Yorkshire, UK

    Welcome! Glad you're here!
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    NGD - J Mascis Tele

    Beautiful Tele...Congrats!
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    Hello From Minnesota

    Welcome.....Glad you're here.
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    Hello All from NC

    Welcome! Glad you're here!
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    Brain process involved in singing ?

    I think most, possibly ALL really excellent singers are very aware of their range, breathing, and exactly what their own limitations are, and work and practice, practice, practice those things until they feel comfortable with it and know they're nailing it. It's the ones that sing perfectly...
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    Howdy from Bear Meadow

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    "Perfect" gigging amp

    I thought the very same thing of my DRRI when I first got it two years ago....this thing is fine for at home or practice, but will never cut it for live band situations. Well, I changed a few things, and it now is a great live performer without the aid of a mic. I swapped out the speaker for an...
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    What’s everyone current favorite pickups?

    90's Fender Texas Specials for Telecaster
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    Old Timer's: What's the first 45 RPM record you ever purchased?

    "Can't Buy Me Love", The Beatles
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    NGD....again. Epi Riviera, Royal Tan

    WOW! Very nice Epi. My first really good guitar was back in the early-mid 60's...a USA Epiphone Riviera, about that same color with a factory-installed Bigsby. I can't count the times I regretted selling it. I was about 14-15 years old when I got it and sold it right before I joined the USMC in...

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