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    Hobbyists - how do you improve your playing?

    I started watching Tom Bukovac more for inspiration. Then I thought, "If I keep watching this I'm gonna blow my brains out". Not sure how anyone can get that good on guitar. Let me know when you find something that works for the 99.9% of us hobbyists.
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    New Studio

    I'm a little confused about what is going on the ground floor and what is on the upstairs floor. Do you have a studio for each? Or is the bottom your car garage/playroom?
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    AC 15 or DSL40 or Marshall Origin

    I don't have an AC15 but I have an AC10 and Marshall Origin 50. They're pretty different amps. The Origin 50 is not a "crunch" Marshall in my opinion. I'm not really sure what it is. It's more like a SF fender with more mids? Maybe that is obvious? You can get some overdrive for sure off the...
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    Learning a song by ear.

    It's kind of like learning a foreign language. The more you work at it, the easier it becomes and you start to get pretty good. If you stop for awhile, you lose some of what you were getting good at. At least that's how it is for me. There was a period where I was ear learning most of my songs...
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    Favorite Board Game or Card Game? Need Gift Ideas ...

    It's only a two-player game but Stratego was/is always a favorite. My daughter just learned it and now it's her favorite game. Also only two player, but Backgammon is a classic.
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    Favorite Board Game or Card Game? Need Gift Ideas ...

    Bananagrams is great, it's like speed scrabble, excellent gift idea
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    Liquid Drain Cleaner

    I've seen what that stuff does to worn out pipes, eats right thru it. My plumber showed me that once. Seems like the snake method is best just to be safe. I would never use that stuff again. Plus as others have said, pretty toxic.
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    The GoGo’s. New Years Eve.

    My wife is taking my 12 year old daughter and another mom/daughter pair to see them just after xmas. They should have fun.
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    Egg Nog (basic non alcohol version)

    I cut it with Jameson. Mandatory.
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    This may not be considered to be as oompah-ish traditional polka as what you've put forth above, but clearly it is a polka beat (I'm not sure what makes a polka a polka) but perhaps it is really just Serbian folk music which obviusly contains elements of polka. To my ear, this is less repetitive...
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    I've quit smoking

    I can't help but wonder what Peter Tosh would say about this.
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    Epic Robbie Krieger Content

    I was kidding obviously, but clearly something is wrong. He either doesn't give a F, or someone didn't really vet his performance beforehand to ascertain what it would sound like, or he just had a flashback before his performance started.
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    Epic Robbie Krieger Content

    You gotta give him some credit, that's probably the first time he ever picked up a slide.
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    Buy Anything on Black Friday?

    I couldn't find any guitars that seemed worthwhile to buy. I don't need another $150 guitar. It seems like most of the sale guitars are ones that didn't sell, since each of the big retailers are all selling the same ones. And I'm not looking to pay $4500 for a guitar that was $5200. I know...
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    Cut My Finger

    Pics or it didn't happen ;)