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    Trading Affinity Deluxe for CV 70s Custom - guess at trade in value?

    +1 for my keep it. Or sell it yourself before you go, and anything over $100 someone will give you is a better deal than trade-in.
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    Trading Affinity Deluxe for CV 70s Custom - guess at trade in value?

    I’d keep it. If it’s 280 new, they’ll price it around 200 and you’ll get 60-80 or 100 at most. Not a lot of cash toward the CV, and you may later on regret not having that deluxe around anymore. I know I have some major regrets selling guitars. If anyone has a red wood grain Johnson tele, let me...
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    Harley Benton TE-30

    I was thinking of picking up one of their strats, anyone have a model they particularly prefer? I checked out the Thomann site but there’s a ton of different models!
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    Quiet quitting

    People are waking up to the fact that “elevate your job” often doesn’t come with any benefits other than a higher “minimum” expected of them. Management of the current times loves coasting and not handing out well earned raises. As an assistant gm at my last job, I had to argue every review 6...
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    Your favourite animated music video?

    Definitely this one, great in the dark with headphones!
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    I found a Tick on me!

    Don’t get Lyme disease lol, it sucks real bad Side note: undoing your belt and spraying tick spray down your pants helps, they want to find warm areas to hide, so getting your boxers and thigs too is a good idea.
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    Favorite tone capacitors and pots?

    Sidenote in case anyone else has a shop or is in Tulsa and could go to Affiliated. They always have cool vintage knobs for a buck or two they pulled off a junk radio or something like that, it’s awesome
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    Favorite tone capacitors and pots?

    Thanks for all the replies! I’m very thankful for the local electronic store because the prices are great (pots are usually $2-2.50). Just moved back to the area and it turns out they don’t open on Saturday anymore, I’ll have to take a long lunch this week and swing by! My main reason to change...
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    Favorite tone capacitors and pots?

    Hey! Running by my local electronics store tomorrow to get some knobs for my well-beaten SD-1. Interested in changing the pots on my tele and the tone capacitor. Currently I have 500k ohm pots in both volume and tone, but just the stock cap on the tone pot. Any setup opinions welcome!