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    Nevermind found the answer

    I thought this was going to be another thread about how Nirvana Changed Music Forever.
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    Mounting a chassis in a tweed cab

    HANDLED. Man, that was nerve wracking. That right side bolt, the nut holds itself in place against the chassis, hee hee.
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    Ever buy a set of pickups before having a guitar for them?

    I have put together a couple Tele's around the pickups I wanted to put in them.
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    Mounting a chassis in a tweed cab

    And so add 5/16th's to whatever measurement to you mounting holes to accommodate the back door plus the tweed covering?
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    Mounting a chassis in a tweed cab

    Looks pretty good!
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    Mounting a chassis in a tweed cab

    I’m a little sketched about this and need some advice. The mounting holes are almost kinda exactly 13.5 inches on center (actually 9/16 or 14mm in from the edge, not 1/2”, sadly) and the chassis is 14.5. It looks wayyyy to close to the round over to even think about drilling there, much less...
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    Adding Two Tube Reverb to the 5F6A/Marshall Topology (Western Electric Circuit)

    Hell yeah, buddy. I think all amps should have reverb.
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    5E3 point to point build.

    I just plugged my Tele w a hi output BKP humbucker in the bridge. Really good. Highly enjoyable. On another note, I was looking around for a cabinet and happened across some of the tweed amps people are offering for sale on ebay and elsewhere. I feel a whole lot better about my building skills...
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    5E3 point to point build.

    Thanks for the support! I already want to build another one, haha. I guess the alleged one dimensionality of tweeds in general have kept me from building one, and working in a tweed chassis really looked like zero fun to me. BUT. I had no idea how cool they sound. It's unreal. The clean tone...
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    I Miss Real Drums, Rhythmic Variation, Song Dynamics . . .

    The jokes or the horror stories?
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    I Miss Real Drums, Rhythmic Variation, Song Dynamics . . .

    I don't understand this entire thread. Every single drum-related thread on this forum gets 300 moronic drummer jokes and an equal number of personal stories of the horrors one has to endure as a working professional or a mere hobbyist, by being forced to interact with some non-musician...
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    50th Anniversary of Machine Head

    The Classic Albums episode of this album is surprisingly good, w Roger Glover at the board. Probably the most perfectly recorded and mixed album of any genre, since the beginning of recorded music. Just my ever humble opinion. Besides the fact that it rips, obviously.
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    5E3 point to point build.

    Well, I found out the reason I wasn't experiencing the "magical" volume interaction of the 5E3 was because... I FORGOT THE JUMPER BETWEEN THE TWO VOLUME POTS. Now both volume pots work! The tone control works! The thing sounds awesome! I knew something strange was going on, but not ever...
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    Phew! First project in DIYLC to cram into small chassis. PP 6AQ5, Please review

    Rob and other sources say that twisting your OT 2ndary leads is contraindicated. I can't think of an amp that I've cracked open where they actually were twisted, so there must be a reason. I only mention it because it's on your diagram.
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    Why can I build great amps, but suck at pedals?

    I drilled a hole in the side of the base and stuck the led thru it. I glommed a bunch of silicone on to keep it there but now I have a bunch of led bezels so I'll probably clean it up.