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    Lukér Pickups

    Hi can you let me know the model you purchased from Luker as he does a few variations like "Maverick 66", "55 Maverick" "Vantage 63" etc
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    1977 real or fake ? help needed

    Hi I've just been road testing a 77 tele that was originally black over a sunburst finish, the owner said the previous owner had it re-finished in black as the original was a bit orange peel looking, I checked with the luthier who carried out the re-fin and he confirmed this. Anyway to get to...
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    1977 Telecaster with refin

    Hi can anyone help with verifying this 77 telecaster that I'm considering buying, I've checked the neck which appears to have the correct markings on the heel (13 03 5721) and on the underside its marked 1771 with an inspection stamp. The neck pocket is stamped "CHUCK" (possibly LEVIS but is...