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    Who wants to play guitar on the toilet?

    That looks like the "lawsuit" version. Better get one now before the Big F makes them change the peghead shape!
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    He wasn't playing what you thought he played

    I didn't doubt you, I just never heard that. I think it's great!
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    Four years ago... (very sad)

    So sorry. Give those kids a BIG hug for their Mom!
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    He wasn't playing what you thought he played

    I have to say I never heard that one. For real?
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    James Taylor and a...TELE?

    Lenox is the next town right below Pittsfield, where that show was shot.
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    Guess what came in the mail today?

    My first guess was your AARP membership, until I saw you're 15. Cool guitar!
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    James Taylor and a...TELE?

    I saw that too, pretty cool show. He sounded pretty slick on his Tele. I stumbled onto that show after it had started & about 5 minutes in, I realized that it was shot at the newly renovated Colonial Theatre in Pittsfield, Mass. My sister lives in Pittsfield & we had gone there in the fall to...
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    Bridge Positioning assuming a 25 1/2" scale

    I have found that having a Fender P/G on hand is really useful in general layout. The neck position is a given & from there, everything else relates to the P/G in one way or another. Use a real Fender product though.
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    Basic Setup Question

    I understand the concept of the tape in/out-control room thing but it got complicated in my head when we started recording more than one instrument at a time. I had another mixer on hand & found it easier to use my Mackie (with Alt 3-4 used for 4-in) for my input mixer & a Yamaha MG 10 as an...
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    Guitar Cables You Swear by!

    For the most part, I have cable I swear at.
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    Basic Setup Question

    I don't know if that's a common problem or not as I'm figuring this all out as I go too. But I had a similar issue as well, recording parts with other guys at the same time & this was the best $20 I spent in a while. It's a cheap, little Behringer stereo headphone amp. You could hook this up...
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    Any Electrovoice Love Out There?

    Believe it or not, that speaker still works, other than the cone being disintegrated. The voice coil is still doing it's thing. I've put alot of mileage on it so I can't be too bummed it quit, which was in the middle of fairly low-volume date. I think the paper just dried out. It was VERY...
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    Any Electrovoice Love Out There?

    I just love 'em to death! No really!
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    Decent amp multimeter? for new build

    I finally replaced the Radio Shack ones I had but the Flukes were big bucks. I ended up getting an Extech for around $50. Digital, auto range, non-contact voltage detector (for house wiring) & even has a Type K thermocouple input so I can check my cooker temperature when I'm cooking BBQ! I...
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    Best Bridge for MIM Jazz Bass

    I replaced my MIM PU with Fralins, a worthwhile upgrade. I also put on the same bridge that Dave W mentioned. It works fine but now I don't think I'd bother.

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