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    Any DIY amp builders in Southern Middle Tennessee?

    I may be having to do a "dump and run" so I won't have time to sell or ship parts, and some of this stuff is just too nice for the trash. Selling it would be great, but I don't have that kind of time. A Micro Deluxe that just suddenly stopped working. Most of the parts for a Micro Bassman. The...
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    Why do I keep falling for this?

    I readily admit to not knowing the bridge pickup position had changed. It worked out in the end, but next time I'll just cut my own.
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    Early players/recordings of the Les Paul Jr?

    Joan used a Melody Maker.
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    Why do I keep falling for this?

    I've got one in the other room I cut out of basswood and sunk the Floyd posts into, and I'm not worried about that one. Basswood gets a bad rap, but it's a whole lot more like working with wood than Paulownia. None of this was about the "factory clearance" items. I learned my lesson there too...
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    At least 65% of guitar players I see are completely unaware of how volume and tone controls work.

    I use an EQ pedal and amp well as my hands for tone and volume. Guitarwise, folks think I'm weird because I prefer a single pickup wired straight to the jack. If my sound is off, the amp settings are wrong. I do, however, need a 6 preset, footswitchable EQ for switching...
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    What’s up with the prices on Reverb?

    I can buy a new Player Series Strat at Corner Music for the going price of used MIM strats around here. Is a used Affinity-series really worth $175? 2 years ago they were $80. Weird times indeed.
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    What do you think of gofundme?

    My daughter set up a GFM to help cover excess expenses when I was diagnosed with cancer. A couple of weeks off work with no short term disability coverage, multiple doctor visits, etc. The people who donated were our real life friends. It certainly helped me get through that time. Not that it...
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    Stupid power supply questions before I do something bad

    I have a fair amount of high-voltage experience, but very little with tubes. In the circuits I work on, 10ma is within error range. More like 480V 10-500A. It is taking a while to think small. I decided to just bite the bullet and buy a 200-0-200 transformer from Antek. It fits Rob's suggestion...
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    The 2022 Brotherhood Build! 😁

    Might be in.....but I seem to work at a glacial pace. I've got 2 amp builds and a partscaster in progress now, but I "need" another hardtail Strat and I have most of the parts.
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    Sliverface vs. Blackface Fender

    There's a '72 Twin on the local Craigslist for $500. I have permission from the wifey, but I just don't need it. Doesn't mean I'm not tempted.
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    Stupid power supply questions before I do something bad

    And reducing the 10k while maintaining the 1/3 ratio means even more current being drained to ground. Makes sense. It was a thought.
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    Stupid power supply questions before I do something bad

    This subject may be getting old...... I did some work redoing my Silvertone organ amp's power supply, and survived. Basically, I had already stripped the amp back to nothing. Wired up a proper power cord, put in the switch and fuse. Got as far as wiring up the EZ81 rectifier and checking...
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    Why do I keep falling for this?

    I don't mind the p-wood body, but I do have some issues with the quality. Or, the percieved quality. I just can't get into the modern style bridge I have and the traditonal style required some routing. I probably could have fit my neck and Squier parts collection (from a 2012 Tele Custom I...
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    Why do I keep falling for this?

    Lol! What I NEED to do is get my bandsaw and scrollsaw moved to the house and set up the router table, lol. Heck, I probably have most of the parts I need for a Strat too. If I’d get over it and give a couple more shots at making a neck, I wouldn’t need to worry about being tempted to buy...
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    WWYD: Pro Reverb SF Dilemma

    It may be a pain to move, but I'm in the "buy a pedal" camp. Maybe something as simple as the Joyo American Sound? I'll give you the "edge of breakup" sound, as well as some close to balls out sounds. Combined with a clean UL Pro, it has potential. Besides, it's a cool old Fender. I sold all of...