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    Kingfish playing Jimi

    I been following him for years hes good he has to watch his weight cause he got heavy from his other videos hes not heavy hes my brother
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    Almost Quit Playing Guitar Today.

    Ur lucky
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    Anyone else just plain done with fireworks?

    I just moved to pa here fire works are legal lol they sell them in Walmart
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    Pure Cane Sugar Soda - Who else loves it?

    I like it
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    Bones? In your steaks I mean?

    I allways get bone in steak
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    My great grandmother.

    Awesome pic
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    Heavy stuff.

    I was allways heavy from the time i was around 5 till now lol even in kindergarten i was close to 100 pounds lol
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    Hot Rod Muscle and such...

    All nice cars the 426 hemi car is a beast i wish i had that car
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    I think so
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    Russian Dash Cam video

    Thats some funny stuff, cars in russia have dash cams because of all the insurscane scams there I was told this
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    Bit o honey is awesome, i like when sweetwater gives u the bag with bit o honey in it, only down fall is it sticks to my theeth lol
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    In a few hours I'll be closing off something that has been a big part of my life.

    Good luck on ur next phase in ur life
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    Monster rip off

    Monster cables are a rip off my friend got a 100 dollar hdmi and and he said my 10 dollar monoprice price hdmi cable was bad ao i took a pic and said look i got a monster hdmi cable he said wow looks better and i said u lose its the same 10 dollar hdmi cable lol
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    TV Batman Adam West Dies at 88

    RIP Adam west aka batman
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    Furious with Fender Custom Shop Customer Service

    Hey stratbrust, i see u posted this on the gearpage also. I dont blame u for geting mad