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    P-90s for Jazz?

    My absolute favorite jazz tone is Jim Hall's ES-175 w/ a P90. You can hear it all over the recordings he did with Paul Desmond.
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    Boss CE-W vibrato?

    Yes, I was disappointed with the vibrato mode on the CE-2w. I actually prefer vibrato mode on Uni-Vibe style pedals though, which sounds quite different from the VB-2(w). My favorite is Roger Mayer Voodoo Vibe, but it's too large.
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    A few questions about 7.25" necks

    People on net forums talk about 7.25" radius causes fretting out blah blah, and I'm pretty sure they have never touched a 7.25" neck. Unless you set the action way low like jazz guys would, there shouldn't be a problem just by bending whole step at any positions. And, your action is on the...
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    Jeff Beck in 1975

    I really enjoy listening to the drummer, Richard Bailey, when I listen to BBB. I think he was a teenager when it was recorded.
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    Telecaster Electro socket

    Can I ask a question? How can you remove the clip inside the hole?
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    Robben with Miles, Robben is a monster

    Really love Robben's playing when he's in modal settings. Check out Jing Chi first album. IMHO, it's the best of RF as an improvisor.
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    Suggestions for a boost pedal

    It's more than 10 years ago, but I owned the RC and it added weird presence frequency I didn't enjoy. EQ section was very useful though.
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    Josh is blown away by cheap Chinese pedals

    I'd just buy used BOSS pedals if I had to buy those MIC mini pedals.
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    Tele Pickup Journey, so far... Goldilocks...

    The Fender pure vintage pups are surprisingly good for the money. I didn't like the PV 58 bridge on my Baja 60s I used to own though. It sounded almost harsh and no depth, kinda 2D sounding if it makes sense, and I have not tried the PV 58 neck yet. Now, they discontinued the 58 set a while ago...
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    inexpensive nut files

    They are UO-CHIKYU 魚地球. I recently bought a set, and man it's really difficult to cut a slot nice and straight, especially a slot for high E. I need to practice.
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    Are you tone deaf ?

    I vaguely remember, but I might have been tone deaf when I was a little kid. I remember I couldn't sing on pitch then, not sure if I could hear the difference between two pitches, etc though. I've casually done ear training by myself and improved a ton. I know I should and need to do it more...
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    Baja owners club

    Just got this LPB Baja. It came with a stock blackguard, which soon got replaced with the white one I already had. Fret ends need a little care, but other than that it's in good condition. It feels lighter than my 1st Baja next to it, which is on the lighter side. I'm not sure which pups to...
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    Baja owners club

    Nope, not the same. The current Vintera uses an alder body. Initially, they used ash for BSB I think. Baja neck shapes vary A TON, so you really need to check. I've already given up finding another Baja neck, which has exact same shape as mine. Fender QC really really sucks. They don't even...
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    What do you think of these knobs on a Tele?

    It's hard to do volume/tone swell with that type knobs, so a no-no for me.
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    In praise - yes, praise - of the Baja S1

    That's interesting. So, you just use the stock 3 tones plus OoP in series or parallel with the S1 on, right? How do you compensate the volume loss in the OoP in parallel position? I don't remember if the OoP in series adds a significant volume boost as it does in phase in series though. That's...

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