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    Radiohead Archive

    I discovered Radiohead only about 4 years ago and they are now one of my favorite bands. Never really liked Creep, so I had tuned them out in the past. In Rainbows is my favorite album right now, but will give Pablo Honey some critical listening over the next few weeks. I saw them live at...
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    Status Quo - (April) Spring, Summer And Wednesdays (1970)

    Cool song and vid. Love the Mustang bass, too.
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    Talk About Your Last Gig Here

    Great news! And awesome to get that voice back.
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    Just sitting there eating a sandwich……..

    There are 4 out there at Sweetwater, one at 7lb 3oz. Nice looking fretboard, too. I have two Squiers with Indian Laurel fretboards. I like them very much. Somewhat odd though, as one of them has somewhat open pores and the other very closed. Does not affect playability, and I suspect they will...
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    Strawberry Switchblade

    Cool song, great performance. Sounds like it was recorded and mixed well, although I have not given it a critical listen on a decent system. What do you call the style? Sounds like a cross between new wave and metal.
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    Black Magic Chic

    I second Rene's comment, above. Nice! Great tone and playing.
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    Long May You Run, 1976

    I usually approach this kind of video with skepticism. But, whoa! Just beautiful. Love your voice and guitar accompaniment was just right. Sound quality was quite good, too. Thanks for sharing.
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    Amyl and the Sniffers on Seth Myers

    Second time this band has come to my attention in the past week. Energetic, to say the least.
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    After hours of practice $$$ guitar solo

    Great job and nice tone. Thanks for posting.
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    NAD- I’ve been after this one for years.

    Thanks for your additional reply, Wally. I have read page 10 more carefully this time. (Sometimes one has to be smacked on the head.) Nevertheless, it requires a little reading between the lines. So, it would seem that the Output control determines how much of the overall gain that passes...
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    NAD- I’ve been after this one for years.

    Thanks, Wally, I have this manual and have read it. My question was really more about what this output control does. Is it an attenuator, for example? If I drive a lot of gain and volume through the master and then dial down the volume with the output control, am I asking for trouble? What...
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    I said I was done

    I admire your tenacity and willingness to endure these procedures, and wish you all the best. My father-in law had quintuple by-pass in his early fifties, pancreatic cancer in his 70's and then melanoma. Surgery for the pancreatic cancer was significant, like getting your guts re-plumbed. He...
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    Hi all

    G'day! And welcome. Whereabouts in Australia? I spent a year in the Wollongong area many years ago.
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    Tough decision

    Great news about your recovery. As for the guitars, I would not be concerned about it being an import. I recently entered into Squier territory and now own a Jaguar (Indonesia) and Toronado (China). Both are beautifully crafted and fun to play (although the latter's pups might be up for...
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    NAD- I’ve been after this one for years.

    Never mind. Thanks, all, for the replies above.