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    NGD: Gretsch 5622T Electromatic

    The pickups are kinda like low output, noiseless single coils. The bridge has a nice twang, the neck, more mellow. I like them. And to those that asked, yes, it does play as good as it looks!
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    Gretsch Club

    New Tru-Arc bridges for the Gretsch Brothers. The 6131 now has its tone switch restored and black pickup covers too.
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    King of all instruments

    Piano is definitely king. The six months of lessons as a little kid are still useful to me with every instrument I (try to) play. I visualize a piano keyboard whenever I’m thinking about intervals, chord construction, etc. I wish I had stuck with it.
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    Most useful/versatile non-standard tuning

    I also play lap steel, and just started playing slide on guitar. Mostly I’ve been playing in open D on both, though I’ve also used G6 and D6. Tried C6 on Lap Steel but didn’t like it. I‘ve settled for now on Open D for guitars, but I’m using a G9 tuning on lap steel. GBDFAD. On my 7 string lap...
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    Small amp to cover jazz to classic rock...

    For a jazz amp, you might want to consider MORE power rather than reduced power for a tube amp. The beauty of the little 5 watt tube amps is the early breakup, and beautiful tube distortion at reasonable volume levels. i think for jazz you might want what steel guitar players like—tons of...
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    NPD x2 | EHX + Earthquaker

    That’s the convention. It’s not the law. In this case the wah was not playing nicely with my Memory Toy, unless it followed it. However, the Memory Toy turned out to be defective and was returned. Replaced by a JHS Delay, which is equally straightforward, but actually works. I ended up taking...
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    Show us your Pedal board.

    The Memory Toy was defective and the wah wasn’t getting much use. sticking to a minimalist setup, the board now looks like this…
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    Why aren't big amps more popular?

    I wouldn’t even think of doing that.
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    Why aren't big amps more popular?

    Because guitar players today are either old men with aching joints, or young guys from Generation ”that’s too heavy”!
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    Another NGD

    Two great scores. Congratulations!
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    I think I got scammed on FB Marketplace…how quickly to dispute charge?

    I’m actually OK with paying first sometimes. But when I do it’s only after checking the person out on Facebook, and getting to know them a bit in chatting. People with new profiles or no public information do not get the benefit of the doubt. sounds like you are going to come out OK though...
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    NPD x2 | EHX + Earthquaker

    Decided to shake things up yesterday with a couple of new pedals. 1) EHX Memory Toy. I already had a couple delay pedals but I wasn’t completely happy with either. After waching some YouTube reviews, and looking at the price, this pedal seemed like a no-brainer. The added chorus switch is a...
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    Show us your Pedal board.

    latest incarnation. I’d like to put them onto an actual small, transportable board eventually.
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    Visiting a guitar shop in LA

    I am not diabetic, but I am a “man of a certain age” with an enlarged prostate. When the urge hits, it cannot be denied. When businesses pull that stunt on me, I go around back and pee on the back door.
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    Fender Bullet Owners Club

    Congratulations! Two weeks on TDPRI and you’ve already managed to stain your reputation. Of course, you could redeem yourself by selling me any early 80s USA Bullets you have kicking around, for $130.