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    Are expensive pickups worth it?

    There are LOTS of aftermarket pickups out there. However, there are not a LOT of things that can make them better or worse. They all rely on magnets & wire. The magnet strength & configuration make a difference. Usually, alnico 2 or 5, or ceramic magnets are used, which create different tones...
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    outside guitar pickup /pots/caps etc. testing rig

    A cheap Multimeter can test pickups for continuity, and pots, caps, resistors for values. Expensive meters can be more accurate. If you wish to test stuff for TONE, there is no way to do that while not installed in a guitar, as the wood and components contribute greatly to the tone, along with...
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    Best Looking Tele? Let's see pictures.

    Here are a few of my Turbocaster Electric Guitars TTL Deluxe Tele style guitars. Each is unique, so my "Best Looking Tele's" for any imagination!!
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    Your Pure Stock Electric Guitars. Bought New. Zero Alterations.

    I have modified many guitars over the years, but never could get them exactly the way I wanted them..SO... I started building my own. Basically starting with a blank canvas, I started with basic Tele style guitars (Turbocaster Electric Guitars). I put the best hardware & electronics on them...
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    Modeling vs Tubes After 10 Years of Modeling

    Perhaps I'm not a typical player, as I play 99% clean, without pedals, and don't need to rely on an amp breaking up at any early point. I've played mostly Fender tube amps for most of my 55 years as a pro performer, and most attempts to find better options have left me going back to Fender Tube...
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    Only 1 Pedal Allowed

    Thru my Blues Junior 2nd gen or my Tone Master Deluxe Reverb, with either my Turbocaster (my own handmade brand) TC Deluxe or My Turbocaster TJM Deluxe, both equipped with EMG's (T-System in the T-style, and JMaster Set (not yet available to the public) in the Jazzmaster style, I need...
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    Does such an abomination exist? If not.......

    You could likewise order the neck from Warmoth as well. No-one anywhere makes better necks, and I'm a guitar maker saying that!
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    Considering a used Mesa TA 30

    I can't say enough fret things about my Tone Master Deluxe Reverb. After playing and performing with Fender tube amps for over 50 years, playing Swing, Western Swing, Blues, Rockabilly, Country, and more, the TM DR does everything the tube versions do, with every bit of the tone. It's...
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    Dave's Acoustic Corner 😱

    Not quite understanding your point here.
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    speak. Guitars made special.

    I'm a professional guitar player and builder (Turbocaster Electric Guitars). That being said, I've had several overseas guitars that were 100% professional grade instruments, and would not hesitate to perform with them. Origin does NOT guarantee quality or lack thereof. If you like your guitar...
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    Best Molded Cases for the Telecaster

    That really depends on whether you play out and have to carry your guitars a lot. I really like the Gator Hybrid cases, as they're light and have backpack straps, and are pretty much as protective as any hard cases. If you're just gonna keep your guitars in cases at home, and don't have to move...
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    Are my frets screwed up or is it just me?

    So, looks like you started off ok in making sure the wood fingerboard is flat. And you did the right thing in milling the frets, but didn't go far enough. I always tape between the frets, leaving just the frets exposed. Then, using a felt pen, color the tops of all the frets. Next, run your...
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    Opinions on Brass nuts

    Keep in mind that the only time a brass nut will effect the tone is when the string is played open. It doesn't change anything tone wise on a fretted string.
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    Opinions on Brass nuts

    Most alloys of brass are fairly soft, and regular mill/bastard files work fine on it. And yes, sandpaper also works well on most brass. I would, however, start with a heavier grit (60, 80, 100), and then when you get close, switch to finer paper (220, 320). It WILL take a few minutes though...