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    Esquire Pickguard

    Darren Riley has Fender one-ply White pickguards in stock for $21.00.
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    Bridge Works vintage bridge for Am Stnd

    Here is a couple of before and after shots of a Surf Green American Standard Telecaster converted with a Bridge Works Am.Std. Bridge.
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    Vintage telecaster bridge help!
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    Strictly the fender hot rod Deluxe lounge!!!

    Here's my HRDX in Oiled Tweed with a matching extension Speaker.
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    vintage tuner options

    How about a set of Gotoh Locking Vintage Oval Knob Tuners? They are a direct replacement for Vintage tuners, and give the same look, but the string goes thru a hole in the post and gets locked in place. Stew-Mac has them for about $60.00 on their site...
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    Steel Saddles vs Brass Saddles

    I had put a set of Brass Saddles on one of my Teles, but thought that the lower stings were not sounding as musical as I had expected. I changed out the "E"-"A" saddle to a Steel saddle, and that really brought those strings back to life. All in All, I really like that combination on that...
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    What pickups does your Telecaster have?

    Fralin Blues Specials
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    Glendale Saddles

    Dale's "Historically Correct" Spanish Electric set, is NOT compensated. Your "Screamin 59's Intone cutting Edge set" are compensated. When the word "Intone" is in the title, the set is comped.
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    G.E. Smith Lead pickup mounting screws.

    That's a #3 x 1"lg. wood screw.
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    Does bridge really matter on Telecasters?

    +1, Well said, Twang Tone !!!
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    Pups for 72 tele custom build

    See Jason Lollar for his great WRHB replacements.
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    Any love for the 72 customs? not talking about the RIs

    No, those are a set of Glendales. I have the original Bridge and Steel Saddles wrapped up Safely in the case.
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    Any love for the 72 customs? not talking about the RIs

    My wife bought me this '73 Custom for my 21st Birthday back in 1974. It's extremely versatile, and was my first ever Fender. The Wide Range Humbucker is "to die for"!! She was only my girlfriend at the time, but I decided that she was a keeper!!! (My Wife and the Tele.)
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    *THE* Random Picture Thread

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