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    Could 11s be the ideal gauge for solid-body electric guitar?

    Personal preference. I am convinced that you should play the strings you find comfortable. There are a lot of other ways to tweak your sound: pickups, amp, effects. Virtually all of those can have more impact than a small variation in string gauge ... so why play anything other than the one you...
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    What's it like, turn out wise, in venues theses days?

    Plenty of gigs in our rural, Nothern California area. Pay isn't great and turnout varies, but live music is hardly dead.
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    How did Nickelback become the butt of so many jokes?

    Chalk it up to jealousy. They are a band that has gained substantial fame and produced a lot of hits ... yet they aren't doing anything groundbreaking. Most bands don't do anything that changes the landscape of music, but they also don't become huge. So ... when a bunch of players see some...
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    Do a lot of people use 9's on Telecasters?

    I use 9s on all my electric guitars ... but this is personal preference, of course
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    Only 1 Pedal Allowed

    For me, it would probably change my main amp to one of my secondary amps. I think it would go to my Vox Night Train because it can do clean dirty and reverb well on its own. I think I would throw a wah in front.
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    Low-budget gear that's still great

    I think there is more than one thing to address here. In the original post you say you’d check out “five less expensive items.” Lots of players (definitely me) get GAS. That is the enemy of frugality. Something like the Helix may seem expensive … but if you will use what it does … it’s one of...
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    List of affordable guitars used by artists to record hits

    I think the addendums to the post make it very difficult because … 1) Many hits were recorded on guitars that were fairly affordable in their day. As someone else mentioned, stock Fenders were relatively cheap … but have become expensive as vintage collector guitars. 2) Modifying a cheap...
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    What do you call '80s music?

    I call the very specific 80s music you mention (not entirely representative of the decade) 80s New Wave. I would also argue that it is not forgotten. Sirius XM has an entire station dedicated to it. They also have a station devoted to mostly 80s hair metal and a station dedicated to a broader...
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    Vote on which Tele I should keep.

    I would keep the American Ultra because mine is my No. 1 and it’s the best guitar I’ve ever played. Also, it has all the traditional Tele sounds plus the ability to beef things up with the push button. That said, the differen pickup configurations on these give you a legit reason for having...
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    Acoustic - Online vs. In Person

    You can get great guitars of any ilk online … but I am really picky about acoustics. I think if you know you are drawn to a particular model, it’s probably worth a shot. But if you are buying based solely on what you’ve “heard” about particular guitars, you might find yourself making a lot of...
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    Vintage verses modern - am I wrong about this?

    i agree with everything you wrote!
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    Advice for a solid state gigging solution

    If you want a new effects unit, the Helix is hard to beat. You can run it direct or into a pure power amp. if you are looking for something to amplify your current unit, look seriously at the Boss Katana head. You can use it simply as power for a modeler to drive a cabinet through the “Power...
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    What's the cheapest guitar you purchased, but.....?

    Squier Affinity Strat. Got it free with an amp I wanted. Modded some things and I play it regularly
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    Is it really possible to “tune once and done?”

    Heavy strings ... no temperature shifts ... little playing ... maybe. I think the main thing is guitars require tuning now and then if you play them ... especially aggressively. As someone else said, these folks may live in mild climates and actually play rarely.
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    My love of Martin guitars has faded

    Didn’t your Martin’s come with a lifetime warranty? Surely something as serious as a neck reset would be covered by that.

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