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    Grateful Dead Skull & Roses Live Album

    Still one of my favorites of theirs. So many iconic versions of their songs. You do know the title that they wanted to use for the album?
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    Guitarists should be judged by technical skill alone.

    You lost me at "Guitarists should be judged..."
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    Unplugged tone Vs. Plugged in tone Poll

    I was asking more specifically regarding solid bodies but also hollow and semi-hollow. So many people talk about resonance unplugged like it's a given that it is something to be desired, when that was something they were intentionally attempting to eliminate when developing the early solid body...
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    Unplugged tone Vs. Plugged in tone Poll

    Why is resonance in an electric guitar desirable?
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    Backward Compliments

    A guy came up to the stage as we were packing up after a show and said, "you guys were better than I expected!" I was never sure how to take that one.
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    History or 'istory?

    I've never heard anyone pronounce it any other way.
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    Card declined at the supermarket and Bank Of America fraud detection.

    This is true. If your debit card is compromised they can clear out your bank account with little to no recourse. Credit cards are protected from fraud. I never use a debit card for anything other than occasionally getting cash from an ATM. I purchase everything I can including utility bill...
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    I was stuck behind the coolest car ever last week

    Around 1961-62 I met Little Oscar and his weinermobile at a local supermarket in S.California. I got an Oscar Meyer weiner whistle. The Weinermobile was an older model than the pics above and the thing that I remember from that encounter was that the weinermobile had '58 Chevy tail lights.
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    Jackson Browne last nite.

    I saw him with James Taylor a few months ago. Couldn't believe how good both their voices still are. I had forgotten how many great songs Jackson Browne was responsible for.
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    Does anyone remember R. Cobb L.A. Free Press

    I remember those cartoons now. Wouldn't have remembered the name. I used to get the FP every week back then.
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    Favorite lyric? A line from a song that stands out to you.

    Once in a while you get shown the light, in the strangest of places if you look at it right.
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    Acoustic resonance of Telecasters

    Paging @Ronkirn

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