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    NBA: Toronto Raptors advance to finals...

    everyone one knows the #Habs are Canada's team :D but for now it's all Go Raps Go!!
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    Tele noob

    Greetings from Cornwall, On and welcome to tdpri. Nice looking black face....enjoy
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    Dusty Hill Style T-bass

    Spray and after each coat turn the can upside down and discharge into a rag until it blows clear. This cleans the nozzle for next uses...good luck
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    Flea market find- early 50s tele?

    I own several factory correct tele's from 55 thru 66 and George handles all of my guitars of which there are many others when needed. Dan Erlwine is solid to a tee. I just don't want my tools on magazine covers and videos. Best of luck and keep us up to date! Peace
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    Flea market find- early 50s tele?

    DO NOT DO A THING until it's been evaluated by someone like George Gruhn in Nashville...seriously
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    Sometimes a white bridge pickup looks better

    White Top Hat style would really do it. Don't think I've ever seen one though
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    Mike Bloomfield's Telecaster

    great stuff there
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    Mike Bloomfield's Telecaster

    The Blonde on Blonde bit had me wondering cause it was in fact Robbie....peace
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    Kentucky woman resists arrest

    I have been a professional musician for over 50 yrs and own and employ a 55 and 66 Tele among other machines too numerous to list. I thought this was a Tele forum? WTF is this crap? hmmmm...