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  • I don't know of this is the right place to post but I got here from a trhead about recovering from shoulder surgery. I am local to the janesville area not that it really matters but I would send you an email address if you are willing to talk about it. I just had TRS for my shoulder and am looking for therapy advice. Thanks.

    I'm also curious about your Tulum post. I'm heading there in a few days and really want to check out this shop if possible. Do you have any more info or possible to see those old photos?
    I've just seen your thread from back in 2008. We're in Tulum next month so I wondered if you knew if the music shop is still there - it sounds maybe hard to find.
    My husband is a bar musician but it's going to cost $100 to bring an acoustic. He does have a Traveller but I was hoping he'd get to entertain guests - and me - rather than play through phones.
    Long shot, but any ideas?
    TIA, Sheila
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