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    Help me decide on a pickguard

    The current white or black
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    Tom Petty(and the Heartbreakers) vs. Dire Straits?

    What Stringbanger said ^^
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    Humbuckered My Strat!

    I I guess you mean that it’s got SG type wiring?
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    Humbuckered My Strat!

    Because I wanted a good looking guitar
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    Humbuckered My Strat!

    Easy answer to this one, because I find SGs to be the most unattractive of all guitars. And my strat is perfect in my hands
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    The guitarists in all of our DNA.

    Gilmour for sure
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    Humbuckered My Strat!

    Yes well picked. It was originally a Made in Japan, pretty old. I’ve changed neck , pickups, wiring etc but still got the original bridge , saddles and tuners. I have thought about changing them but they still do the job nicely. Kind of like keeping a couple of the original parts on there to …...
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    Humbuckered My Strat!

    Is that a kill switch I see??
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    Humbuckered My Strat!

    I have an American Special with BK Veneers to get me those stratty tones… In the middle position I can blend both pickups, I find if I role off the volumes a tad it can be pretty stratty/quacky
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    Humbuckered My Strat!

    no the pickguard came like that. I got it off gumtree for a cheap price, some fellas unfinished project. You can get them from the US, pretty pricey full retail, but its all quality, every thing lines up perfectly
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    Midnight Oil?

    Saw them a few months back in Oz and really enjoyed all the their new stuff they played. They play those iconic riffs so LOUD!
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    What Guitar Have You Been Playing Lately?

    My HH parts caster has worked it’s way to the front of the pack. In front of my American Special Strat and Revstar which are both fantastic
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    The missing stomp on my pedalboard….

    TC Honey Pot Fuzz is cheap and sounds massive. Sometimes I prefer it over my Hoof fuzz
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    What type of guitar did you learn on?

    First guitar was some cheapo strat, the high E string kept getting stuck under the frets. I Quickly moved onto a Samick Valley Arts Strat, played that for about 20 years. Then started getting other types of guitars, anything but strats. Didn’t want to play a strat again. Now I’m back to being a...
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    Want to add a cheap overdrive

    I have a Bandit as a spare amp. Joyo American Sound works great with the Bandit for a slight touch of hair to light overdrive. Mooer Blues Mood ( BD2 clone) does thick and creamy and lighter gain

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