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    Watco spray can lacquer clear finishing problems

    There's your problem. Your wood grain is telegraphing through the paint as "shading". People don't realize it but metallic colors are quite transparent. If you don't have a uniform color under it, you get shading. The darker grain against the white wood shows through as streaking. You need a...
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    Is this an FSR MIM Telecaster?

    Wish I could help you ouy but other than a few Thinlines, I've not see a Strat headstock ona Telecaster from Fender.
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    Things to Quit Saying

    So, let's say you see a group of ducks (technically a flock if on land, a flight if in the air or a raft if swimming). Do they lose their identities and just become a group? "Group" is collective noun, "ducks" is a plural common noun, "of" is a syncategorematic word that links group to ducks...
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    Lake Placid Blue (not metallic) recipe?

    This over a silver ground coat will do what you're looking for ... basically candy blue. The more coats applied, the darker, deeper the shade of blue:
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    Fret leveling with a beam: Am I the only one with this problem?

    I've found that an aluminum level works fine for me as a sanding beam, as the surfaces are machined and lapped for straightness. The neck has to be flat as measured against the fretboard not the frets which is what you're trying to correct in the first place. You need the notched straight edge...
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    Anti hum painting mess is over

    I didn't see your previous post. If it didn't come off, the pickguard and trem would have covered it up, no? I just spray the electronics cavity black. It tricks the guitar into thinking it's shielded.
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    Finish "lifting" on headstock - how to stop it getting worse?

    Someone oversprayed the back, sides and neck black on top of the original blue finish, You can see it's flaking off everywhere due to poor prep. I'd use the thick super glue or plain old wood glue and clamp the corner tight. Always the potential for it crack pressed back down so heating with a...
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    Watco spray can lacquer clear finishing problems

    It looks like you haven't shaken your can enough and are getting different levels of semi-gloss. It also appears from the striping you have that you aren't applying an even coat.
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    finish crack help... :(

    That is a simple repair. I'd have it looking brand new old again in about an hour. Sandpaper, airbrush, toner and matte lacquer.
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    Know of any small builders who do necks to order?

    Freestone Guitars. Lots of exotic woods and beautiful workmanship at half the price of Warmoth. I've bought several and been very happy with them. He also runs an eBay store where he sells in-stock necks...
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    This One Came Out With Attitude

    Beautiful finishes, they look a mile deep! I am not a fan of green either but that green burst could win me over.
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    A Tale of Two Gibson SG Husks - My first expedition into refinishing

    Those look way too classy to spoil with a spray bomb paint job. I would do one with a black pickguard and one with a cream pearl pickguard, HB's in one and p94's in the other or get a custom guard and do Strat singles in one of them. You could do a black guard and use black closed covers for...
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    Show me your T-types with clear guards

    Just my $.02, but with the screw heads so prominent on a clear guard, to me they look like someone pulled off the pickguard and ran the screws back in rather leave the holes. Sorry, but that's how I roll.
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    Suntan for Partscaster

    That black pickguard ought to last an hour in the full sun before it curls up like a burnt potato chip. I'm sure the neck will darken in a year or two.

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