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    NAD Fender Pro Jr IV

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    Love the color! I do not think I've seen one like it. HNGD!
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    Well said! I am having my coffee by our big kitchen windows waiting on the birds to start hitting the feeders...ah, there they are! Blessings.
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    The missing stomp on my pedalboard….

    The Rat and OCD provide many options (no experience with the DS-1). Others I like are the Keeley Fuzz-Bender (which can do about everything fuzz if one takes the time to work with the settings), and the Chicago Stompworks Black Fudge (very usable "vintage" effect). Happy Hunting!
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    This is What a Serious Lionfish Round-up Looks Like

    Wow! Yippeekiyay! How many pounds of fish can one place in a bag like that?
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    Do you carry a pocket knife?

    Yes...and a caution, it is sharp warning. :cool:
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    Need wall art for the home office

    Draw or take your own!
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    Don't Sweat the Small Stuff

    Nice! Noting it's all small stuff ;).
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    Angry Birds

    Snake! It is "what's for lunch". Birds can be pretty vicious and often hold their own against larger predators. Thankfully, the only angry birds I get around here are the occasional window bangers when the feeders go empty 😂🤣 .
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    Do you carry a pocket knife?

    Only since age 7. My most recent carry is a Benchmade. But—HNKD…happy new knife day! Yesterday I acquired two new (first production run) knives from a friend of mine here in town. I’ll put one in rotation and the other in my stockpile. This is a Justin Case Tactical FAFO-1 folder. They...
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    Bored with my Excelsior Pro time to go

    LOL. I just traded a 50w and 4x12…then purchased an Excelsior.
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    2022 Guess What This Tool Does Thread

    Guilty of not reading all the posts, but I made one of these to spread the rear frame rails on my Schwinn Crosscut frame when I switched to a little bit fancier wheelset.
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    Books, and the re-reading thereof

    I've lost count of the times I've read/re-read Bible (most of it) Douglas Adams (all of them) The Wheel of Time (all of them) Starship Troopers Battlefield Earth The Foundation Trilogy/Foundation's Edge Several maritime/nautical reference type books There are others that do not come immediately...
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    The Excelsior Lounge

    Incoming! I have had GAS for an Excelsior for some time now...after the influence of everyone's comments. Yesterday, I ran across one that looked in great shape and just punched the "buy" sequence. Now the wait.

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