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    90s/00s American Standards

    An ‘01 American Series is still my number one. It’s not traditional (don’t forget the saddles!) but I like it that way. I also have an ‘07 (by serial) Strat that somehow has the ‘08 spec, in Blizzard Pearl. It also has the Delta Tone, and that bridge pickup also sounds great with no-load. The...
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    Super heroes ranking

    Of the available teams in the poll I picked Justice League. Possibly a different result, though, had The Invisibles been an option. But I haven’t had a pull box since New 52 so I should probably bow out now.
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    Are Lerxst amps any good?

    Sweetwater used to carry them, but not anymore. Think they were built by Mojotone.
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    Tone Master Deluxe Reverb issues

    I’m pretty sure this is the TM endgame, regardless of sales. Eventually the PCB tube amps will run you 2-3 large, or more. Hell, a DRRI is $1400 right now. Don’t want to shell out several thousand for Real Fender Tube Mystique? Well, here’s a TM that gets you 95% for 35% of the money.
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    Your Learning Tree

    Mine would be Keef, maybe Garcia, maybe Gilmour, nah definitely Keef. How ‘bout you?
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    Your Favorite Western

    The Mandalorian. Also, Once Upon a Time in the West.
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    I really miss this stuff...King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard live

    I’d see them in a heartbeat. Assuming they make East Coast. Weird, hard, thoughtful, modern.
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    Car Songs (avoiding the obvious)

    Well if you’d been able to reach the chorus, you’d know.
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    Car Songs (avoiding the obvious)

    Also, this:
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    Car Songs (avoiding the obvious)

    There’s been a more modern update!
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    The Original, the SKAnkiest, Ernest Ranglin

    Like it mellow and jazzy, too!
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    Should I buy my first bass or my first tele?

    This is true, and basically describes my own experience. I was a middling guitar player at best when I got asked to play bass in a work place band that somehow became entertaining and popular, working steadily for almost a decade. We had a lot of fun, played some amazing shows and parties, made...
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    Recommend an oddball/obnoxious pedal, please!

    If it’s worthy of “analog weirding module” then it’ll be obnoxious enough to shatter stone and disable machinery at range.
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    Lacquer problems on fingerboard.

    When I got it the only parts of the neck that didn’t have poly on them were the crowns of the frets. I had never seen that before, as it was my very first nice guitar and my first Fender. But I don’t think it was shrinkage because the flaking happened almost immediately and I never felt any...
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    I was running out of room in my man cave . . .

    Better put a leash on Demogorgon. Nothing but trouble.