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    NGD!! American Showcase Tele

    Oh yes, that's a beauty right there!! Congrats.
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    Congrats! Just in time for Halloween
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    New painting: Boy in an alley

    This is fascinating! There is definitely a mysterious and dangerous feel to it, especially with the concrete walls and overhead giving an ominous feel...but then, it disappears with the optimism in your son's eyes. Really cool vibes with this one, I love it. Oh, and then knowing the 'general...
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    Hey is this a NGD post??? If so, CONGRATS to you!! I have the same Epi Modern Les Paul in Pelham Blue. Wow, just a fun guitar to play. It's my first ebony fretboard and I became hooked immediately. It's hard to put down when I'm in a Gary Moore or Angus Young mood, the guitar absolutely rocks...
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    My latest video filmed at the famed East West Studios in LA

    Very awesome! Congrats to you and the band. Great stuff.
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    new song- "Jezebel"

    Sounds fantastic. Great rocking tune with a lot of good vibe fun built into it. Great job.
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    New painting: Walker's log and Cornish blue

    "I know the feeling"..LOL! And you've included your favorite tea towel! Nicely done Hemingway.
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    How to play Mustang Sally

    Tight sounding, vocals sound great as well, great musicians, and they put creativity into the arrangement ... I can definitely appreciate and enjoy those types of bands!
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    Starting to Regret My Life Choices

    Egads, I start to twitch a little when I see glowing posts about 5e3 tweed amps! It's been on my radar for a while now. I will frequently play YouTube videos of all sorts of the classic 5e3 vintage and clones and I start drooling. So as a new 5e3 owner, I am really curious ... have you tried...
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    What's with the Mustang GTX and Bluetooth?

    I've had the Mustang GTX-100 since Feb 2020 and there has not been one instance where I automatically connected my Android phone to the amp via bluetooth. I've come to expect that I have to turn BT off on my phone, then turn it back on, then attempt connecting. And still, at times, I have to...
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    I know people will laugh, but I find it relatively amazing what you can get for 15 bucks

    I believe that is definitely a deal. Oddly, the pic has me salivating for a baked potato for tonight's dinner using the air fryer. Nothing better than a crispy baked potato loaded with real butter, lightly salted, some black pepper. The few times I have a steak dinner that comes with a baked...
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    Now that we've dealt with tailgaiters...what's with the high beams?

    This is likely it. I have a 2020 Subaru Outback and I'm shocked how bright my regular lights are. I get flashed regularly, but, rest assured, I do not have my brights on. I feel pretty badly to be honest, as bright lights can really be a distraction. Recently I had to follow my wife in her car...
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    The Cult - I Regret Not Catching Them Live

    Great band, great music. And a fresh return to roots, of sorts, from all the glam that was going on at the time. I was fortunate enough to see them at the House of Blues in Vegas in 2000. We had backstage passes but were never able to meet the boys. But hung with a few pleasant roadies for an...
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    I'm going to stay 100% sober every day for the rest of my life

    I am proud of you and would love to join you. I am 404 days sober as of today. PM me if you'd like, no pressure. At the risk of violating this forum's rules ..... offers, in my opinion, the greatest online support forum you can find. /stopdrinking is the subreddit. Everything from...
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    24 Years

    Congratulations to you Fiesta Red!! Quite admirable and honorable.