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    Anyone Else Not Give a Rat's Ass About Football?

    The wife and I use today as an excuse to eat, party, and drink, but don’t have an interest in watching the game. Afterwards, I do plan to google the teased “e-trade baby commercial—I miss that whole routine.
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    Howard Grimes Rest in Peace

    His drum kit at Royal Studios I got the privilege of seeing on a visit to Memphis last year.
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    Howard Grimes Rest in Peace

    Just received the sad news that Howard Grimes passed today at age 80. Howard was the drummer on vitually all of Hi Records 70s recordings—Al Green, Otis Clay, Syl Johnson, O.V. Wright, Ann Peebles and others. I just got finished reading his recent memoir titled “Timekeeper.”
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    So, how come....

    Serious question, I’m here to learn. I listened to AM radio quite a bit starting in the 60s through the 80s in a variety of locales and don’t remember any power line static issues. Have things changed over the years? I’m not doubting anyone’s experience; I just don’t recall the problem decades ago.
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    Well..... maybe.... getbent's philosophy (as stolen on Lunar New Year)

    I’d say, “Come on in, dude! I’ve got some stellar wine from Lodi you need to try. It’ll knock your sandals off!”
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    Well..... maybe.... getbent's philosophy (as stolen on Lunar New Year)

    Sounds interesting. I think the gist of the one I referenced is to try to look for the good—even when it seems impossible.
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    Well..... maybe.... getbent's philosophy (as stolen on Lunar New Year)

    A Chinese Emperor was traveling through a beautiful forest with his entourage and soldiers. Suddenly, a horrid stench filled the air. The Emperor saw his soldiers in the path ahead standing around a large, dead dog carcass. As he approached, he heard one soldier exclaim, “It’s completely rotten...
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    I found a tear in the Matrix:

    If it were me, it would be more likely that I fixed it correctly and then completely forgot I did by the next day.
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    Best Sounding Albums

    Some great choices mentioned for great sounding recordings, so no need for me to repeat them. One important aspect is what kind of rig are you listening to the recordings on. I don't have a really high-end audiophile system, but it better than what the majority of folks seem to use these days...
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    Where’s Your Happy Place?

    Your chickens are living the good life!
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    Where’s Your Happy Place?

    Hmmm…fish and chips!
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    Where’s Your Happy Place?

    Love the Blue Ridge Mountains—especially in the fall when the leaves are turning.
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    Where’s Your Happy Place?

    We just love Manzanita (Oregon Coast) for a local getaway. Here’s sunset yesterday. Pic or no pic, tell us about YOUR special place!
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    Are You A Tourist In Your Own Town?

    Your post made me smile in a good way. I was born and raised in South Carolina but moved away as a young man. South Carolina is almost like another country unto itself. If you’re from anywhere other than the Deep South, you’re a “yankee”. I have lived in Washington state for 25 years now. I...
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    Meatloaf went all the way last night, paradise, no dashboard light...

    If only Meatloaf had gone to Stax, just think what might have been…

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