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    For those who play mostly rhythm, what kind of string set up do you use?

    Just about anything. If You really want to hone Your skills in a year's time get "BIG BAND GUITAR" it'll make You really sharp. I'm at the point where I like my stuff more than most other things, though I steal wherever and whatever if it fits. I deplore "covers" (which stems from having the...
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    NGD - The one I always thought was out of reach

    Very Nice. Dennis can really build 'em.
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    My Hand is Cramping!!!!

    Sounds like You gotta have a BIGGER NECK. If it's a Tele, I say an All Parts FAT with a 1" Diameter from stem to stern. If You plan on playing strictly Acoustic try to find a Kay - Kay One 8901; You'll most likely need a neck reset and jumbo frets, but if the Luthier is good the Guitar will...
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    Hello to all, just joined

    Fellow Roy Buchananite Greetings!!! You've got a story to tell Brother... Like WOW - saw Roy a bunch too. Unforgettable for sure. This is The Place.
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    Super weekend, one of the best I ever spent.

    Amen to that!!! IF...You do it right retirement is "happening" - every day is like Summer Vacation when You were a kid. I'm not a millionaire but I live just as good as one - that I know.
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    I can’t praise my Tonemaster enough

    Eddie just reminded me about something REALLY IMPORTANT that DK told me very early on and it relates to some people saying when they auditioned the Tone Masters in stores they lacked "testicular fortitude..." Y'all had them attenuators peaked. But - were the microphone outs on the back panel...
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    Super weekend, one of the best I ever spent.

    TD, It Is A Wonderful Life. My day feels great just from reading about Your weekend.
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    Dachshund sticker shock

    Christmas is over which means - very shortly thousands of puppies & kittens will be brought to Shelters by the Idiots, Imbeciles and Morons who are facing the reality that indeed they were Idiots, Imbeciles and Morons for thinking that they had a clue. The Shelters most of them are connected by...
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    Alexander Howard Dumble RIP ?

    A True Artist. Liked by everyone who knew him. Innovator and Genius. People I know always said he was a generous Guy and kept it quiet. Humility and Decency.
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    The Boss Pedal Owners Club

    My TU-12H from 1986 still is operational. Not too bad !!! I've got a DD something and an RV-6 also. That's what I remember anyways.
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    Kelton Swade..R.I.P.

    Sad to see any Forum Member leave us.
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    Last night, I lost the best friend I've ever had.

    Sorry about Jake truly. The best years are measured by Our Furry Friends. Don't wait too long, Jake wouldn't want that.
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    dallas rangemaster build

    I like 'em a lot too.
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    Hardtails are so rare

    I went "the rustic route" - a tree in my old front yard in Warner was shedding a piece of bark and it's been blocking it for better than 10 years. Funniest part was I got it @ the Warner Recycling Center (I miss that place Men) for free. It was one of them Peavey EVH things with a pickup and all...