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    Who wants to fight about the Eagles?

    I bet it wouldn't be hard to get Don Felder started!
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    Weirdest food you had ?

    It was Octopus. They said it was dead, but it sure did wiggle.
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    Artists Who Tried To Be Bowie

    Scott Weiland, Stone Temple Pilots
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    I donated to a cat shelter my wife says she will NEVER let me forget it!

    I'm not much on cats, but I'd take a cigarette over a human being any day.
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    Fender Hot Rod Deville, why so cheap used?

    I once paid $275 for a deville 410 and gigged with it as my first tube amp. For that brief period, I was just happy to have a Fender tube amp. As the summer of gigging wore on, I knew I hated lugging that beast around. i used it for awhile and traded it in for DRRI. Got twice what I paid for it...
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    Rock band that women like the most

    Ha. My late 20's gf sang limelight at a karaoke night a month or so ago. The song was 12 years old when she was born. She heard it growing up because her dad played it a lot. Every lonely 40+ guy in the place took notice, and I'm sure they immediately fell in love. Younger woman singing RUSH TO...
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    Custom shop thinline with neck dive issues

    You people are thinking this thing backwards... the answer is obviously tying helium balloons to the headstock.
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    Wireless mic's, help me out

    Well, you say "Rock/Blues" but you're obviously skewing Punk. :) Don't ask me... I just bought the $599 Audio-Technica offering. It works well. I looked at some of the $299-$350 type solutions, but wasn't a buyer for mostly logistical reasons. I wanted something rackmountable and fixed. Not...
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    Where do you insert a volume pedal and wah pedal in your pedalboard chain?

    Wah goes closest to the monitor wedge, the volume goes nearest the refrigerator.
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    Parents of TDPRI, what are good (not annoying) musical gifts for kids?

    Wait, who are the mom and dad, here, anyway? I know it isn't me, I am much too childish.
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    "On the ground" is the new "going forward."

    Agreed. That's a faux word.
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    Nirvana sued...

    Nobody should be able to sue to get their pound of flesh just for showing an ounce or two.
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    Worn out silly songs you secretly love.

    Well, I ain't tellin' you.

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