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May 29, 2020
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Squier by Squier

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    Your amps and other gear:
    • Yamaha THR-5
    • Diago PB08 pedal board
    • Joyo JP-02 power supply
    • Korg Pitchblack Mini
    • Electro-Harmonix Wailer Wah
    • Ibanez TS-7
    • Pigtronix Disnortion Micro
    • Electro-Harmonix Crayon 69
    • TC Electronic HoF 2
    • Mooer Audiofile headphone amp
    A Telecaster fan, guitar fan, casual bedroom guitarist and a music listener. Decided quite early as a teenager that will own a Tele some day. Played some garage punk with a lousy Strato-copy back then. Maybe some day again with friends..

    Finally acquired my Telecaster around 2004. It was a gift for myself after finishing studies and started working full time. I've been modding it since, infrequently and between the long, long pauses. It's been turning a bit towards Les Paul too.

    My Tele:

    Squier Standard Fat Telecaster
    3-colour sunburst, Made in Indonesia (2001)
    * SD ST59-1 Little '59 Tele bridge pickup
    * Switchcraft #11A1255X -slide switch (series/parallel)
    * DiMarzio PAF 36th Anniversay neck pickup, Rose Gold cover
    * Apem 5644 on/on/on -toggle switch (series/split/parallel)
    * Strat style knob and Les Paul style ring plate
    * Hosco CTS-A500 vol & tone pots
    * Orange Drop 22nF/100V tone capacitor
    * Gibson style Speed Knobs (voi + tone)
    * Oak Grigsby 3-way switch (regular Tele-wiring)
    * Hosco OJ-65 mono jack + Electrosocket cup (black)
    * Hosco TH-B3P black 3-ply pickguard (original was white)
    * aluminium tape shielding in the pickup and switch cavities
    * Adrian Legg's life saver circuit in bridge ground
    * Schaller M6 6L Vintage Copper 16 :1 Locking Tuners
    * Graph Tech XL Black Tusq string tree
    * bone nut
    * Gotoh S12C brass saddles (bridge plate is still original)