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    Making a German meal tomorrow night

    You'd be a hit up here. Lots of German heritage around these parts. When I lived around the Portland area. There was a German bakery we used to visit on a regular basis. Good stuff!
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    Squire Tele Pickups

    More info on musical styles you're into might garner more accurate responses. The Cavalier line has a lot of options. Fender OV's, Nocasters or PV 64's are pretty popular choices. Bootstrap pickups seem to be quite popular here too. Many choices, have fun.
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    Budget pickups for classic Tele sound?

    No, I'm bad. I lost track who was the OP. Got distracted. It happens. The OP should have plenty of options in the UK I would think. Maybe not. You would think that SD, Fender or DiMarzio would have distribution there. Seems like someone there would carry a set of Fender OV's or DiMarzio...
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    Budget pickups for classic Tele sound?

    Have you looked at "Axerus"? Looks like their prices may be more to your budget. Selections cover several "classic" offerings. Andertons?
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    Budget pickups for classic Tele sound?

    Isn't Bare Knuckle Pickups made in the UK? Try them. What's your opinion of a "classic" Tele tone? Examples? Welcome to the forum!!
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    Dull sounding neck pickup

    Plated brass cover? If you're used to a neck pickup with the nickel silver cover. A plated brass cover will seem a little dull. I would look into the other suggestion too.
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    Info on 1994 MIM "Special"

    There would have been the "Black Label" Tele's in that era too. Squier Series and a Traditional Series.
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    Neck pickup cover on reissues

    My AV58 is nickel silver. Not sure if Fender uses the plated brass anymore. Seymour Duncan has stayed the course with brass for most of his line with a few exceptions I'm told.
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    Landscaping Question

    Go to a professional landscape company supply and get a quality weed fabric that allows moisture, nutrients and oxygen through. It's usually pretty heavy. Don't get the flimsy stuff they sell at most regular home and hardware stores. Staple it down with sod staple, usually around six to seven...
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    How satisfied are you with your gear?

    The gear I have is pretty solid. If something comes along that could be useful. I could be in the market. Plus, who knows where technology might end up. Something totally new and exciting might come along.
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    Got my Warmoth Yellow Tort guard, and it fits!

    Looks better than I thought it would. Glad it fit. Warmoth makes some quality stuff. I have several of their pickguards. I probably would have gone for the red tort myself. I still like the original one better. But, it's your guitar. Have fun!
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    Source for magnets?

    The Cavalier Pickups site has links to Tone Kraft and AZ Magnets.
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    Bear vs Skunk

    One of the best defense systems nature has to offer.
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    Old Timer's: What's the first 45 RPM record you ever purchased?

    From Me To You/Please Please Me on VJ records. The Beatles
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    Has anyone played a Sire Tele?

    The Antique White with the tort guard and the roasted neck looks killer. With those features and those prices. That whole line should fly of the shelf.