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    What' your approach to gear buying?

    Kind of depends. I'm more in favor of having nicer things. I'd rather have one really high end instrument than 3 just ok ones. I have high end fender and a high end Gibson. That said I do also have an Epiphone Sheraton semi hollow that is a great player. I still want to round out my collection...
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    Telecaster radius and frets

    My current is 9.5, which is nice, but I sure kinda miss the compound radius neck on my old American deluxe
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    NGD: California dreaming while sipping Texas Tea

    hnghh fantastic! I need a tele with binding back in my life congrats!
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    5 hole pick guard not flush

    Is this a common issue? any easy work arounds? the pickguard on my thinskin '55 has some fairly big gaps. It bothered me a lot for about 20 minutes then I stopped caring, but still wondering if this is a common issue or an easy fix. It wasn't like that when I got it, and I feel like maybe it...
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    NGD Vintera 50’s Tele

    Nice!! Congrats! I’m finding thick 50s style necks take some adjusting to as well, but I’m into it. More and more the more I play
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    When you buy a guitar, do you change anything on it?

    Ideally, no. But occasionally. I put fralins in the am. Deluxe I used to have because I wanted a more classic tele sound. But beyond a potential pickup change after assessing for a while not really
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    Thanks guys, think I get to jam with my drummer tonight, so looking forward to that!!! I live 20 minutes away from wildwood... it’s dangerous!! :lol: Don’t even want to attempt to add up all I’ve spent there over the years lol
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    Thanks guys!! it’s a 2018 Les Paul standard. It’s absolutely amazing!!!! My third go around with an LP and by far my favorite yet. It has an asymmetrical slim taper neck with compound radius and it’s one of the most comfortable necks I’ve ever played. Bought used from Wildwood guitars earlier...
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    Actually got it Saturday. I joined this forum originally to gain info about doing a parts caster job on my affinity tele. But I ended getting rid of that and getting this instead. Copy paste of photos and brief review from another forum because I’m lazy :p but I thought y’all would appreciate...
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    Top load 3 saddle bridge recommendations

    Hello all, I’m in the process of planning out parts to partscaster my affinity tele. The plan is do bring it vaguely close to spec of the American deluxe I used to have. I know the am. Deluxe did not have a 3 saddle bridge but I think I’d like to go that route for this project. Obviously I need...