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    Do you carry a pocket knife?

    I am a heterosexual male, and I live in Alabama. Yes, I carry a pocket knife. (I'm pretty sure it's against the law around here to NOT carry a pocket knife.) I have quite a few great pocket knives, but my favorite lately is the Featherlight HUNTER-G10-OD, by Hunter Knives of Alaska. Great...
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    Do you have names for your guitars?

    No. :(
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    Am performer string stops?

    Or, some guy on the factory floor pounded the first lot of ferrules in a little too hard, and said, "ah, now that looks good to me," and they proceeded down that road for the rest of the run of guitars.. :)
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    My main email for the past 19 years has been a Network Solutions product. I pay a small fee for the domain names of my own name in the email, the domain name for the band, and a website for the band. They recently 'upgraded' my email product to the 'Professional Email' version. You guessed...
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    N(Harley)Day Not a Benton!

    Really nice bike. I have been eyeballing a black Sportster for a few years now. Just waiting for the right one to fall into my lap. :)
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    G&L's Placentia, the worst name for a product line ever?

    I took my first wife (and some good friends) for a day trip one time to the site of several famous battles near the French German border. :)
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    Well, I've Hit Rock Bottom

    Man, Rob. I'm praying for you and your wife. Hoping that the court date comes to pass, and that the settlement is equitable. Hang in there. 😞
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    What do I have in common with a really valuable Gibson Les Paul?

    Well, let's see; * We were both born in the USA, in 1959. * We both have really stiff necks. * It wouldn't take much for us to snap our heads clean off if we accidently fell over. * A lot of battle scars, nicks, dings, and cracks are visible. * We have asymmetrical curves with a larger...
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    G&L's Placentia, the worst name for a product line ever?

    Citroën automobiles, and their brand name, always cracked me up. (Citroën means "lemon" in Dutch.) Funny. ;)
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    Your #1 Telecaster

    My number one Telecaster is my ONLY Telecaster. 2004 MIM Standard Telecaster. No mods. Rock-solid. Beat to ****. Classic Tele tones and feel. Ain't letting her go. ;)
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    Poem - “The Guitar”

    That is fabulous. :)
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    Passenger lands plane when pilot has medical emergency

    A frightening situation, and a great and fortunate outcome!! Man, such a great air traffic controller and level-headed passenger. :)
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    What crazy guitar would you like to own some day?

    I want to crush the riffs, but in a tasteful, cultured manner. ;)
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    A fun new band, I have tinnitus, what to do?

    And, as a regularly-gigging musician yourself, you know full well of the many way by which a guitar player can perform safely at low, manageable stage volumes, but project a clean and proper (loud) PA volume out to the paying audience. I have tinnitus, but I also have excellent (and...

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