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    Tongue cancer.

    That really does sound just awful. Wishing you the very best with your recovery.
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    RIP iPod

    I still use one as a backup for break music on gigs. Like, if we are doing a wedding and the first dance is a recording, it’s not uncommon to not be able to get a wifi password at a venue (especially the really high end hotels, for some reason), so I always take it on an iPod.
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    Bass Player "Audition" blues

    Well, you’re not likely to hit the jackpot with the first guy. You’re looking for a kind of specialized style of playing, not just any schmoe is going to be able to play that repertoire well. Good luck.
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    Talk About Your Last Gig Here

    My gig last Saturday was a little bit alright: a couple flew my 7 piece band to Bermuda for their wedding and put us up at killer resort right on Coral Beach. We got there Friday morning, played Saturday, had Sunday for whatever we wanted to do (I hit Horseshoe Bay beach, drank rum drinks, and...
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    Which band tshirt are you currently wearing?

    I have a Frightened Rabbit t shirt on; a slightly obscure Scottish indie band that I quite adore.
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    Have You Played Professionally?

    Still getting away with it and I do not take it for granted.
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    Best place to get a Double-bound Lake Placid Blue body?

    I want the double bound sunburst in the OP’s profile photo.
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    Weirdest food you had ?

    I’ll try anything, but wombats are way too cute to eat.
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    Who makes money making music on the forum ?

    I make most of my income by playing music. Not my own music, but at 54 years old I am pretty grateful to still be able to do it.
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    Ever call anyone out on Craigslist?

    I have not, but I have been acutely tempted by the one that posts “jazz trio available“ every few days for the past ten years. A simple “no ****” reply ad has been festering in my brain for years.
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    Giggers... insurance?

    Almost all high-end function venues in New England require vendors to have liability insurance. It’s actually one of the things that kinda separates the pro bands from the Craiglist specials.
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    Velvet Underground: The influence of The Velvet Underground , how about you?

    As others have said, I think a lot of VU influence came to me through bands Influenced by them. Whether it’s as first generation as their impact on Bowie or later bands I loved like Opal, Galaxie 500, Dream Syndicate, early REM, Jesus And Mary Chain, etc. And, being in Boston, I am forever...
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    Hello from Nova Scotia

    Welcome! You live in a really beautiful part of the world.
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    Vale Taylor Hawkins (Foo Fighters)

    It is terrible to see such a bright light extinguished. He just seemed to love playing drums more than is even possible, always such a huge smile on his face.
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    Loudest band you've seen in relation to the size of the venue?

    My Bloody Valentine in a 600 person club and Dinosaur Jr in a few different venues. MBV made my stomach feel funny, it was so loud at the end. But when it stopped, it made a tremendous musical impact. You’ve never heard such awe- inspiring silence.